Is NVMe worth it over SSD? A definitive Guide

Are you looking for a way to increase the speed of your system and came across the technological terms NVMe and SSD for this purpose? We can say that you now know how to increase the performance of your system but there are many other things related to NVMe and SSD that we probably do not know in the first place. 

For this purpose, we have done a lot of research and penned down our every effort so you can know “Is NVMe worth it over SSD?” We found a lot of factors that make a difference between both. We explained these factors below in detail so you can make a choice depending on your needs and requirements while keeping in view which is better in which terminology.


Before starting with which technology is better, it is very important to know the basic meaning and purpose of both terminologies. NVMe stands for nonvolatile memory express. The NVMe is basically a new type of storage access developed and given for flash protocol and next generation of SSD (solid-state drives). The purpose of NVMe is to deliver and respond to data as fast as it can. It is also made to help in increasing performance, bandwidth, and better user experience. 


The second terminology that we are going to discuss is SSD. The SSD stands for solid-state drivers. It is a new type of storage device special build for new generation technologies and advancement. The SSDs are popular for using flash-based memory to replace traditional and mechanical hard disks and drives. The purpose of SSDs is also to enhance performance by making processing fast and reliable. SSDs are faster than hard drives because they require less time for accessing and reading whereas hard drives use the head to move back and forth to read data. 

Is NVMe worth it over SSD?

As for now, you have completely understood the meaning and the purpose of NVMe and SSD, let’s talk about the factors in which they are better than one another. 


The first thing in the technological field is to always look for compatibility because if it is not compatible with your system then you are only wasting your precious money and time. SSDs come with great compatibility as compared to NVMe. SSD is capable of easily replacing your old hard drives. Whereas NVMe does not come with the ability to replace old hard drive space, rather it uses M.2 port that is difficult to find in common and old generation laptops or personal computers. 

If you want to enhance the performance of your old computer then you should go with SSDs as they can offer a great range of features like compatibility, fast speed, and lag-free processing. But if you are willing to buy a new-generation system and want to have the best technology then NVMe is a great option for you as it will provide you fast speed and less response time with quick processing. 


The next important factor is the performance of SSD compared to NVMe. Both SSD and NVMe have their performance rates and style of work with their respective advantages or benefits. 3.0 version of SSD comes with a great speed of 750 megabytes per second which is considered a very great and fast speed for better performance. However, this speed of 750 megabytes per second of SSD reduces to 600 megabytes per second because of different physical or technical hurdles but it is still capable of giving you lag-free processing.

Talking about the speed of NVMe, it is not affected by any internal or external means that leads to four times more speed as compared to regular. The NVMe is capable of providing you 2000 megabytes per second, which is one of the fastest speeds of reading and writing. So, if you are looking for a fast speed then no doubt you should go with NVMe as it can also attain ten times more speed for seeking data.


Performance is a factor to know the abilities of an item or how well it can work. As we discussed above, NVMe beats SSD in speed, similarly, NVMe has more enhanced and better performance as compared to SSD because speed is an important and vital part of the performance. If the speed is not good then performance can not be enhanced. This shows that the performance of NVMe is much better than SSD.

Besides this NVMe only has a weight of 40 grams and 128 GBs of storage that can be increased up to 1 TB. Whereas SSD has a weight of 45 to 60 grams and has a storage capacity of 215 GBs to 14 TBs. NVMe will be the best option for you regarding performance if you are a game lover because it will provide you a better experience of the game with no lag. If you want a high storage capacity while ignoring the performance then SSD is a better option. 


SSDs are mostly used by big companies and business because they have a lot of data and information that needs to be recorded for later working and SSD offers a great value of storage capacity whereas NVMe can also be used in large scale offices and companies due to its fast speed so data can be processed in a matter of seconds for more productivity. NVMe is most compatible with data transferring through fiber cable networks, Ethernet, and many other channels whereas SSD is commonly used as a storage device only. 

SSDs are also widely used in laptops and personal computers because of their easy mobility and compatibility as compared to NVMe but NVMe is also not less than SSD and is used for high-performing gaming and working at a large scale. NVMe and SSD also provide great security to data so you can easily use them without any worry of leaked information.


Maintaining a product can increase its lifespan so if you want your NVMe or SSD to run longer then you surely need to keep certain things in mind to avoid damaging your NVMe or SSD. Mistakes you need to avoid for SSD are that you should avoid defragmenting the drive because SSD stores and reads data randomly so defragmentation can destroy your SSD. You also need to leave some space for SSD storage so the speed and performance do not get affected. 

If you are going with the option of NVMe then you need to make sure that you do not use NVMe as a storage device because it is a storage protocol and communication interface. You also need to check your system before installing an NVMe or SSD because a corrupt system or a system full of viruses can result in damaging your NVMe or SSD. Both devices require equal maintenance and it is not difficult to take care of them so you can choose whatever device you want if you are concerned about maintenance. 


The last but not the least thing in this informational guide is the affordability and price range of both NVMe and SSD. SSD is more expensive as compared to NVMe. You will find a good quality SSD of a reputable brand with 500 GBs to 2 TBs storage capacity for 100 to 400 dollars according to the storage capacity. SSD can provide you large storage capacity for less money but it is not capable of providing you with enhanced and fast speed as NVMe. So, if you have a budget then SSD will work great for you.

Whereas you can get 500 GBs with enhanced and better quality NVMe of a good brand for 100 to 150 dollars. You will also find NVMe for less than 100 dollars by some brands and it can go up to 1000 dollars according to the specifications and different features that it comes with. You can easily find a 2 TB storage capacity with fast speed NVMe for 500 dollars. 


As we conclude this article that was especially captured down for you, we hope that it was beneficial for you in a way that cleared all your concerns and confusions. We hope that you were able to choose whether NVMe is better for you or SSD. Let’s revise what we discussed above so you covered different factors of NVMe and SSD that include Compatibility, Performance, Speed, Usage, Maintenance, and Affordability.

If you are still confused about the question that is NVMe worth it over SSD then we are again here to help you every time you need us with our final verdict. If you want to select based on high speed, better performance, the value of money then NVMe is the best choice for you but if you want to consider compatibility, affordability, and storage capacity then SSD is a better choice.