How to use Keyboard and Mouse on Switch

Using your Nintendo Switch, you may find that you’re limited without the ability to use a keyboard and mouse. You don’t have to connect your Nintendo Switch to your laptop or fix your device’s GPU fan, instead, you can simply equip your Switch with a few keys and a mouse!

Stick with us as we run through how to use the keyboard and mouse on Switch!

Why Use a Keyboard and Mouse on Nintendo Switch?

That’s a great question! The Nintendo Switch is the latest gaming device released by the Nintendo Company. If you’re planning to game, the portability and ease of the Nintendo Switch will serve you as well as a PS4Macbook, or a 2-in-1 laptop when it comes to gaming.

However, certain Switch games like Fortnite function better when you have a controller (such as a pro controller wired communication). There are plenty of ways to improve your gaming sessions by using a keyboard and mouse to type and log in – simply connect it to the Nintendo Switch dock set.

How to Connect a Keyboard and Mouse to your Nintendo Switch

To start with, make sure that you have a USB keyboard and that your Nintendo Switch has a USB port to connect it to – a wireless keyboard without a USB adapter port or Bluetooth dangle won’t work. Keep in mind that you can’t use a keyboard and mouse to play games on the Nintendo Switch but it will help you with the sometimes awkward typing that can occur on your Nintendo Switch.

Similarly, the Nintendo Switch does not have any mouse support so you will only benefit from adding a keyboard. Some companies even offer custom keyboards for the Nintendo Switch, but since you can’t use it for gaming in particular it’s not worth it.

Here’s how you connect your Nintendo Switch keyboard – plug the USB keyboard into the USB port that is on your Nintendo Switch. While your Nintendo Switch is in handheld mode, you can also connect your keyboard with a USB to USB-C converter.

And that’s it! Also, you can learn how to charge your laptop manually or learn more about touch screen laptops.

Frequently Asked Questions

We often see that a few questions continually pick up again and again when it comes to connecting your keyboard and mouse to your Nintendo Switch. Read on if you have a few unanswered questions!

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How to Change Keyboard Bindings on Switch

If you go to the Nintendo Switch main menu, go to Settings, the Controllers tab, and then to Change Button Mapping. From here you can change the buttons of the Nintendo Switch and the keyboard and mouse settings.

You can utilize your device for business and photo editing by changing your key bindings.

How to Connect my Nintendo Switch to my Laptop

The simplest way to play games from the Nintendo Switch on your laptop isn’t to have a mouse adapter or USB keyboards, it’s just to purchase the game on your laptop. Nintendo Switch games have laptop or desktop equivalents.

If you do want to connect your Nintendo Switch to the laptop or 1440p monitor, you’ll need an HDMI capture card like an Elgato.

How do I connect Bluetooth headphones to my Nintendo Switch?

To connect your Bluetooth device, simply go to System Settings and Bluetooth Audio, and Pair device. Your regular keyboard or headphones that have a Bluetooth dongle should be super easy from there!

Other great devices to connect your gaming headphones with are Alienware laptops, which consistently perform extraordinarily well and come with a beautiful designs.

Parting Shot/Conclusion

And that’s it! If you’re thinking of connecting your keyboard and mouse to your Nintendo Switch then hopefully this guide has helped!

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