How to Enlarge App Icons on your Tablet

Are you finding that the app icons on your tablet are too small? Depending on the size of your screen, there’s a chance that you’re straining your eyes whenever you’re looking at your screen for a particular app. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to learn how to make app icons bigger, on both Android and Apple devices.

We’ll be covering how to enlarge your icons on your tablets, so read on! No matter if you have an expensive travel tablet or a budget tablet for your home.

Why You Would Want To Make Icons Bigger?

As we’ve mentioned, making larger app icons is a great way to alleviate eye strain and make your home screen easier to look at no matter what time of day it is. Taking care of your eyes, especially from your teenage years is especially important in this digital world, and making icons bigger helps you stop straining them.

What’s more, larger icons are also easier to distinguish. If you’re looking to browse the internet but can’t find Safari or Google Chrome, increasing icon size is an easy way to improve your user interface experience.

How Do I Resize App Icons – Android Device

Android apps come with a default size, but this can often be too small depending on how big your screen is. Want to resize app icons on Android? No problem, follow our intuitive guide for easily resizing icons. Find apps like Roblox, Youtube, or Facebook should be simple after following our steps.

  1. Navigate to your Home screen and find the Android Settings App or menu. It should be on the top right of your device or a separate app in the shape of a cog.
  2. Find the Display settings, which should be one of the options within the Settings App. Tap it!
  3. Click on the Advanced menu within the Display settings.
  4. You should see an icon that reads “Display size” or something similar. Once you’ve found it, click it.
  5. From here, you should be presented with a UI that allows you to change the app icon size. This can be in the form of a slider with a visual representation of what your apps will look like or a simple, “Small/Medium/Large” interface. Choose the one that appeals to you.

From there, when you next navigate to your Home Screen, the apps you have should have changed to reflect your desired size. From these menus, you can also change magnify app icons or change font size which will be a godsend for reading comics or books.

How Do I Resize App Icons – Apple Device

We haven’t forgotten about those of your who use an Apple tablet, commonly referred to as an iPad. If you want to resize icons and change app icons on your iPhone or iPad then follow our simple steps to get those home screen apps bold and beautiful. Be sure to do this if you have a young child using your iPad.

  1. Unlock your iPad and navigate to your Settings App – it should be a separate app you can easily find.
  2. Once you’ve opened your Settings, find the Display and Brightness option. Tap it.
  3. There should be an option called Display Zoom within your Display and Brightness settings, once you’ve found it changes the ticked mark to Larger Text.
  4. You should be prompted at this point to “Use Zoomed” and that a restart of your device is required (usually comes with a preview window of the fixed icon sizes). Confidently click this and wait for your device to restart. After the restart, your app home screen grid should be larger.

As of iPadOS 15 and later interactions, this has slightly changed. You simply need to click on Home Screen and Dock in your Settings App and then click Use Large App Icons. Your home screen apps should be larger after this! If you’re spending a lot of time looking at your device, like with Adobe Illustrator, then don’t forget to do this.

Third-Party Apps That Resize App Icons

If you want a bit more versatility on how your apps look and how big or small you want them to be, then using third-party apps may be the solution you’ve been looking for. We’ve detailed some of our favorite third-party launchers for your tablet to make use of to change your default icon size or experiment with customization options:

Nova Launcher

This third party launcher is great if you love the standard Android UI design, and comes with a design that bears a remarkable resemblance to it. The launcher doesn’t take up a lot of space and offers you the freedom to customize your Samsung phone’s app.

Microsoft Launcher

If you want true versatility, then the Microsoft Launcher is a superb choice for a launcher app. If you don’t want the grid size and design that most Android comes with, then the Microsoft Launcher will be able to offer you amazing custom size options for your app icons.

Apex Launcher

Want to increase your app icons to 150% their size, then the Apex Launcher is exactly what you’ll need. It’s easy to install and can increase the size of apps like ABC Mouse to a size that you can see no matter the size of your screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

There you have it! Hopefully, that’s given you a complete picture of how to make the app icon size bigger for your Android tablet or iPad. You can easily watch Netflix or open up a 3D modeling app for work. If you want to learn more, we’ve listed some of the most frequently asked questions.

Why are my app icons so small?

This may be because of your screen size, as the screen can make the app icon size to be smaller than usual. Otherwise, simply follow our guide to make your apps larger!

Best of all, you don’t have to be an engineer to do so and you can help any of your children with the app icons.

Can I change my app font size?

Yes, in our guide we’ve detailed some ways of changing your app font size, such as when we talked about Apple iPad devices. But you can also change the font size on various applications like Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

No matter how expensive a tablet may be, changing an app’s size is a fundamental feature of these devices. If you’re planning to use it for Google Classroom, then make sure to increase the app font size.

How do I customize my phone’s home screen?

There are numerous ways to customize your phone’s home screen, with many built-in features that allow you to change the icon size, the color of your home screen, and many more. These are great for making your personality shine during college or adding some flavor to your drawing tablet.

A quick browse through your app store, either the Play Store or App Store is also an excellent way of extending your design creativity.

Parting Shot/Conclusion

Making your apps bigger is a great way of lessening eye strain, making your personalized home screen, or just decreasing all the empty space on your app grid. Hopefully, this guide and article have given you a definitive answer to how to change app icon size and customize your apps screen grid.

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