7 Different Ways to Charge a Laptop Battery Manually

Want to know how to charge a laptop battery manually? Keep on reading and hopefully, by the end of the article, you’d have learned how to do it without a charger.

1. Use an External Battery Charger

An external charger lets you charge devices without the original charger. An external charger isn’t directly hooked up to the computer. Remove the battery from your laptop and connect it to the charger. Plug the charger into an outlet now.

After your battery is fully charged, take it off the charger and put it on your laptop. The external laptop battery chargers are available with a specific model name and brand name. So, you don’t have to worry about your battery.

2. Use a Solar Charging Kit

Solar chargers are now a thing. Laptop batteries can be charged with this kit without a charger. The charger is powered by a solar panel. The solar kit doesn’t rely on a power source. It is charged by the sun rays. Solar panels convert solar rays into electricity. Solar panels created with modern kits are smaller, more versatile, and more efficient. This charger works on all laptop batteries. It’s portable and foldable.

Also, you can use a car adapter. It works for people who spend most of their time in a car. The adapter plugs into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle. When the car runs, the battery gets charged.

3. Charge via USB

In each type of laptop, there are mainly two types of ports: 

  • Type A
  • Type B

Type-A ports deliver power to devices, so you can charge your mobile phones, power banks, and connect other devices like USBs.

The Type B port is crucial here because it can take power in. These charging ports are often used to charge a laptop with a power bank or mobile battery. Not every laptop has USB port B for external charging. Be sure to read your laptop’s manual.

4. Use a Universal Power Adapter

Universal power adapter becomes a lifesaver in the event of a dead battery. They can give them a new life. Whenever a device’s battery is manufactured, the technicians have to use some universal chargers to charge the battery properly. Although these adapters are universal, they cannot be used to charge any type of battery, sometimes their use can damage batteries. So you need to make sure that your universal adapter is suitable for your battery. Also, do a little research on what the customer has to say about the adapter type that you’re using and make an informed decision to avoid technical issues.

5. Use Super Batteries

Super batteries are great if you want to keep your laptop running for 8-10 hours. These batteries give you the option not to use the original charger with your laptop.

If you don’t have access to charging for your laptop when you travel, then I highly recommend that you install super batteries. Now all you need is a super battery to keep on working for a long time.

6. Use a Power Bank for Charging

Remote working calls for a long-lasting battery. In addition to super batteries, another viable solution is the use of power banks. Every laptop has the power input and output ports. Usually, port C is where you get power. You can pick up a portable charger that works well with your device and use it right away.

7. Use a Travel Adapter

A travel adapter is great for charging your laptop on the go. You can use this adapter to charge your laptop battery when traveling. Travel adapters usually only work in a car, train, or airplane. A travel adapter must be compatible with your laptop. Just like your USB-C cable and a universal adapter.

It’s also important to check whether the air or car charger works as it should. It is important to prevent any problems when you are in the car or on an airplane. Some car chargers don’t work with your laptop’s charger. You have to get one that charges your laptop directly, without a cord.