Here’s How To Change Your Background on Chromebook Wallpaper

If you’ve recently acquired a new Chromebook and were curious about how to change the desktop background, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to quickly cover how you can change your background and screen saver background easily if you’re tired of having the same wallpaper.

It doesn’t matter which model of Chromebook you own, you should be able to change the background wallpaper on all of them. Stick with us as we cover how:

Why Change Your Background Wallpaper?

Changing your background image is a great way to show off your unique style. There are so many great pieces of artwork you can use to simulate a virtual background using a wallpaper picker. If you want a more personal touch, finding that perfect family picture from your Google Photos is another excellent option.

Otherwise, certain applications like Wallpaper Engine allow you to have a completely animated background such as an astronaut floating in space or an atmospheric noir setting. Don’t let guests to your home be disappointed when they get to see your desktop background, change the wallpaper on your Chromebook into something truly special. Here’s how:

How to Change Your Background To A Pre-Installed Wallpaper

All it takes to change your background for a Chromebook is a few simple clicks. The best way to change your wallpaper is to right-click on your desktop screen. You should be prompted with a few options – click on “Set Wallpaper”.

From there, you can change the background on a Chromebook to one of the preset options that your laptop comes with. There a quite a few for you to choose from, so there’s very little chance of your getting bored. But if you do want more flexibility, read on!

How to Set Your Custom Wallpaper

Custom wallpaper is an excellent way to fully personalize your Chromebook. Here’s how you do it!

First, follow the sets we’ve outlined in the previous Pre-Installed Wallpaper settings. All you need to do once you reach the “Set Wallpaper” option is then go down to the bottom left corner and click “My Images” (should be on the left sidebar). You can select a custom image when you select Google Photos to add to change it to something personal – and you don’t need to have a data science degree to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s all she wrote when it comes to how to change the background on Chromebook, it’s really that simple! If you’ve had some questions floating around your head while you were reading this article then don’t worry, we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions right here.

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How to change the background in Google Chrome?

Changing your Chrome browser background is extremely easy, you don’t have to download anything from the Chrome Web Store to do it! All you need to do is click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the browser.

From the Settings tab, navigate to the left sidebar until you find the “Appearance” icon. You can choose various themes for your browser from there!

Can you change the Chromebook theme?

Quite easily! Our guide covers the full step-by-step to change the background wallpaper of your Chromebook. Whether it’s a custom wallpaper or one of the pre-installed themes that come with your Chromebook, there is plenty for you to choose from to show off your personality.

What is the difference between Chromebook and a laptop?

The biggest difference between a Chromebook and a laptop is that Chromebooks are limited to using Chrome OS. Other than that, Chromebooks generally have fewer external ports and there are some applications that you aren’t able to access (the Zoom app is not one of them).

Parting Shot/Conclusion

Hopefully this guide you’ve gotten a better idea of how you can spice up your Chromebook wallpaper, and the means to make your dreams come true! You just need to find the right photo using Google services on the left sidebar or change the background wallpaper to one of the custom ones.

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