Best Cheap Tablet For Kids In 2022

Kids of today’s era are smarter. Therefore you want to opt for the gear accordingly, but do you know the cheap tablet for kids that can still keep up with quality and performance?  If you are planning to purchase the luxurious tablet because you can do anything for your kid, want and think twice!

You don’t want to purchase the wrong gear, right?

In this article we are especially targeting the kids-friendly slates that come with the dedicated built quality as well as helpful features. Watching and enjoying together with your kids becomes more productive if you have the best battery, quality speakers, smooth touchscreen and user-friendly OS!

Apart from browsing and regular game play, tablets are being widely used for studies as well. Therefore, it has become the need to know tech-handling from a young age. Featuring endless books, and multiple alluring games, a tablet makes its value stand out even if you’re on the go!

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In-depth Review – Cheap Tablets For Kids

1. Fire 7 tablet

Fire 7 tablet

Talking about the cheap tablets for kids, this Fire 7 table fits the best. With the IPS display technology and the durable build the preference becomes just right. Additionally the 2MP front and rear facing camera make sure to capture 720p result video without making things out of focus.

Its 2 GB installed RAM and the 7 hours of lasting battery timings never feel odd. Moreover it’s available in 16 or 32 GB internal storage. The 1.3GHz quad core processor aid you to have powerful tasks and apps run without lagging

Due to its IPS display you get to pick up more comfortable viewing angles and hence it becomes a preferable choice especially for kids. The embedded processor further works in an efficient manner. It’s USB C to connect to a PC/Macintosh computer, or to charge your device with the included power adapter; a microSD slot for external storage is also supported.

The battery of this kids tablet is more all day and you get its nonstop performance till 7 hours. The seamless and lagging free output welcomes your kid to watch videos; play games, listen to audiobooks and brows without much delay. The 1 GB RAM backs up the multitasking.

This kids tablet is best for kids for its camera quality as well. If your child likes to take random shots this device definitely lets you do so with its 2MP front and rear facing camera with the 720p video recording result.

  • Handy ad durable gear
  • Lasting energy efficient battery
  • Reliable performance and efficient multitasking
  • Takes time to load
  • Wi-Fi signal drops constantly

2. All-new Fire HD 10

All-new Fire HD 10

This is another tablet that is affordable and comes perfectly fine for kids. The fully-featured design ensures the value. The display screen delivers vivid and bright colors. Its 3 GB RAM and the Octa-core processor never fail you for a regular processor.

This table comes with the 3 GB RAM that keeps up with the speed and fast boot timings. Additionally the display screen is significantly larger with the 10.1″and its 1080p Full HD quality lets out the crystal-clear output in every way.

In addition to that it has dual camera and the fast responsive ports USB-C (2.0) port, and 32GB of storage with up to 1 TB of expandable storage proves to be beyond expectation. Moreover, it comes with the aluminosilicate glass which provides extra strength.  It comes with 3 GB RAM to provide you ace results.

This tablet is best for its sound quality as well. The 3.5 mm stereo jack and dual integrated speakers; external volume controls keep up what blended sound without making any shrillness.

The battery of this smart slate is more than 12 hours, which is robust for sure. Under the cheap tablets category you get to have the most amazing performance without restriction at any point. The appealing availability in its colors such as lavender, aquamarine and sky blue keeps your choice preferable.

  • User-friendly parental control
  • Robust battery timings
  • Kids proof casing
  • Loud and captivating sound quality
  • Best for kids for 7 to 8 age
  • Random storage errors
  • Non-customizable homepage that won’t allow you to remove content categories without individually removing each

3. Contixo Kids Tablet V8

Contixo Kids Tablet V8

Kids want something more attractive and chic that can keep their interest alive throughout the use. This Contixo kids tablet comes with the most amazing style and the durable performance that makes sure your choice is right.

The safe and kid’s friendly software makes it a user-friendly device for sure. It comes with the recent android 8.1 version that keeps things faster. Additionally the 1.5 GHz Quad-Core processor and its 16 GB storage with expandable option up to 128 GB prove to be quite helpful while the games and apps are on rich.

 Besides, the seamless online search makes the speed highly smooth. The RAM is however 1 GB. The display screen comes with the 7’’ inches HD display and along with the tough bomber, Bluetooth and the dual web camera.

 The best part is it’s screen comes with the 3-layer film LCD screen protector which is the best part for a gear like a kid’s tablet. It keeps off scratches and fogginess. If you are travelling and you want your kid to remain at peace, this device with its interesting app storage and best games comes as a best friend.

Overall this tablet is gripping and handy with 1lb of total weight. If your concern is learning the availability of 189 languages featuring Spanish as well would surely surprise you. For a gear that is cheaper and comes with utmost feature rage and best performing ability, this Contixo Kids Tablet V8 is super amazing.  Many kids have shown interest while using it and taking learning classes as well.

  • Comes with 189 languages
  • Pre-loaded with endless content
  • Ultra-durable silicone case
  • Lasting battery for reading and video playing
  • 3-layer LCD screen protector for safety against scratches
  • The touch is not super smooth
  • Its battery drain too fast

4. Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablet

Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablet

If your kids are more into technology and gadgets, this tablet comes with the innovation and the best performance. The reasonable price range lets you consider its experience through and through.

It comes with the 8 inches of high definition display that makes colors and visuals quite appealing. Besides, the bright and vividness in each frame makes your gaming and web browsing to become reliable for graphical parameters. Additionally the quad-core processor and 2 GB RAM makes sure you have the fleet loading of various apps, games, and pages. For kids this matters a lot.

The embedded Wi-Fi is not only stable but also quite robust as well. You have the best approach to communicate remotely with the Alexa-enabled device on the Alexa app. It makes sure you have updated life with your kids even if you are not present at the moment.

In addition to that its 2 year of warranty implies its best usability for kids. You don’t need to take pain for its repair in case your kid mis-treats it, which they usually do.

The company is taking fuller responsibility as long as the device is damaged within two years. It has USB-C (2.0) port, and up to 1 TB of expandable storage for your apps, and software installation. This tablet is all that you need if you want performance with high-end.

This tablet is best for 6 year olds and beyond age. The chic style and the productive approach keep your kids educated in an unknowing manner. Besides, for entertainment purposes it also makes its presence worthy.

There are so many reasons to opt for this one, the features are user-friendly and you have fuller control over your kids activities on tab.

  • Easy to operate and built-in stand
  • Sound is loud and clear
  • Comes with 2 years warranty
  • Parental control
  • Energy efficient battery work longer hours
  • It may randomly get stuck
  • Doesn’t work with ABC mouse

5. Contixo Kids Tablet V9

Contixo Kids Tablet V9

Kids prefer something friendlier than they are. This Contixo Kids Tablet V9 along with its eye-catchy colors comes with the most amazing feature and the durable style of built quality.

The handily and lightweight design features the android 10 version that can handle latest apps, games and software without any excuse. Also its 2MP dual camera is there when you want to take shots and capture moments.

Furthermore it comes with the 2 GB RAM and the faster 1.5GHz Quad-Core Processor that is faster and keeps up with the performance in every task. Moreover, it has 32 GB storage for most important and valuable data and adds up to 128 GB with microSD help.

The 7’’ inches of display screen with the shatter-free HD touch approach is super remarkable for kids gear. Moreover, it comes with the HD touchscreen along with the tough bomber. The embedded Bluetooth and the dual web camera never restrict your communications.

The smooth and powerful video chatting is something that also helps you home-school your kids. This device features durability and the screen comes with the durable protecting case as well. For energetic and aggressive kids, you should consider this tablet since the durability is already ensured.

 It comes pre-loaded with multiple apps, educational content and of course, games! You have everything already in this gear that you would download or install later. Moprover the Google service access is something that opens the world for you to download your choice without any restriction.

  • Shatter-safe HD touch screen
  • Comes with durable protective case and screen protector
  • Latest android OS for welcoming compatibility
  • Comes with built in stand
  • Parental control software
  • Takes too long to recharge
  • Not quite fast

6. Dragon Touch KidzPad Y88X 7

Best Cheap Tablet For Kids In 2022

And now, add this kids tablet here to offer you the best user-friendly experience. It comes with the 7’’ inches of IPS display screen. Moreover, the HD visuals and crystal-clarity becomes more accurate with the 1024 x 600p resolution. Bright and vivid colors make every frame o come alive.

Its camera quality is suitable depending on your interest. It has the 2 megapixel front camera and also the 2MP rear camera. Also the adjustable display is something that always makes sure the settings according to your preference and that enhances eye care approach.

The premium software runs with the 32 GB built-in storage and you can also expand the storage up to 128 GB which means you can install your favourite software and app without much brainstorming.  In addition to that, its 2 GB installed RAM provides the best result for faster and swift loading of games, apps, web pages and more.

Durability and protected design should be the first priority. Therefore this tablet is especially focusing on the high-quality durable design that becomes more assisting when your kids like to use it all day long or while travelling.  

Dragon Touch KidzPad Y88X also offers you the Kid-Proof Case that makes the display screen durable against scratches and abrasions. Its kid’s proof case comes with the impact-resistant soft silicone material that is also friendly towards the kid’s hand.

  • Comes with adjustable screen setting
  • Impact-resistant soft silicone material
  • Comes with 20 pre-installed Disney audio books
  • IPS technology for premium viewing angles
  • The screen is likely to be too fragile
  • Battery life is poor

7. Fire 7 Kids Tablet

Fire 7 Kids Tablet

It seems like you want an excellent tablet for your kid while remaining within a certain budget range. This smart slate by Fire comes with a reasonable 7 inches screen and the HD display.

Although the durability and the manufacturing style is pretty much reliable yet it comes with the 2-year of warranty that becomes its best past as a kid’s gear.

If your kids are in between the 3 to 7 age group this tab makes its valuable performance more worthy. From a learning to entertainment point of view the smart and user-friendly design fulfills your requirements.

Feature-wise, you have its 16 or 32 GB internal storage with the 512 GB expandable capacity. Additionally, you have the chance to add apps and content to the child’s profile. It comes with 2 GB RAM and the processor of Quad-core 2 GHz which makes most of the apps run smoothly.

With its 10 hours of battery timings you have the fuller privilege to learn and study creatively. Moreover, this Fire table comes with the 2 MP front and rear-facing cameras that surely let out fine results that your kids would appreciate. It also has USB C (2.0) for responsive output.

  • Smart and easy parental control
  • Reasonable battery life
  • Kids proof case for enhance protection
  • Amazon Kids offers over 20,000 books, Audible books, movies, and more
  • Comes with built-in stand
  • The icons often disappear

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Cheap Tablet for Kids

Best Cheap Tablets for Kids

Trust me; purchasing anything for kids comes with concerns. You don’t know if they would like it or not.  Kids usually have a lot of preference but when you have a meager budget you need to be extra careful about the buying.  Here are a few things you need to consider.

Parental control

There are multiple sites and apps you may want to restrict access to from your kids. When buying the kids tablet makes sure it offers you safety and fuller control over the app. Moreover, you should also restrict the screen time and lock the certain apps to get access to. It is one of the important features that the tablets for minors and kids must offer.

Display screen

The display screen for a kids tablet must come with IPS technology so that the viewing angle becomes more adaptive and comfortable to the sight. Moreover it provides vivid colors and sharp accuracy in every frame. Moreover if the kids table comes with the flicker-free or user-friendly feature for eye-sight it becomes the best deal to consider.


No matter how well-behaved your kids are, when it comes to their personal things you often find them rather damaged. Therefore opt for the tablet that comes with kid-proof casing, durable material and rubberized material as a protection. Moreover, it keeps the liquids, oils and other spills easily clean with just a wipe.


When you buy any device, your first concern may not be its color, but for a kid it should be. Besides, it’s a plus point that in the evening low budget range you have a diverse variety in colors and appearance. Choose the bright colors that your kids especially prefer.


Are cheap tablets good for kids?

If you want to buy the tablet for your kids it comes with various parameters. Firstly keep your kid’s age in mind.

If your kid is just starting up the use of technology, buying a cheap tablet with quality-control wouldn’t be a bad idea besides; you get many reasonably made devices that deliver best results for performance, display and the availability of diverse content. 

So cheap tablets are good as long as your kid is pre-teen or a newbie to tech use!

What should I look for in a kid’s tablet?

For buying the kids tablet the essential thing is the protection factor. The ability to withstand bumps jerks, and sudden hits and drops should be measured in the first place. Make sure the device is durable enough and comes with quality ensured- moreover the warranty is also important in case of its repair and replacement.

When should a kid get a tablet?

Tablets are making its use valuable for everyone. You can give your kid this wonder gear when they are at least two year old or more. It is perhaps the best time to teach them in a creative and more interesting way. Besides, now you get the best technology, assisting apps and controlling features that make your work even more helpful.

Final Verdict

Choosing a tablet for kids that is also cheap often leads to superficially made gear. We have chosen each tablet after much research and made sure you get reasonably priced gear with quality ensured.

Most of today’s tablets come with all day long battery life hence you can consider any for traveling as well. It is hoped that you will find the suitable choice without searching elsewhere!