Best Tablets For Travel In 2024

Planning your next vacation and want the best travel tablet for your next great adventure? There’s no understating the convenience of a trusty tablet on the go. Whether you’re planning to soar through the skies, take your family on a road trip, or travel by steam train, having a tablet on hand makes the difference between a good trip and a great trip.

If you want to know about which tablets are best for travelling, we’ve scoured the market and tested some of the top devices available to compile a list of the very best travel tablets for you. If you need a deeper dive for tablets that offer stellar performance, lightweight portability, long-lasting battery life and are not a burden on your wallet, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our buying guide at the end of this article if you want a surefire way to find the tablet that’s right for you.

Let’s dive into the top-tier travel tablets that will elevate your travel experiences in 2024.

Recommended Best Travel Tablets | 2024 Top Pick

We’ve put together a list of the absolute best ones out there, with killer performance, ultra-portability, awesome battery life, and great bang for your buck.

So, let’s cut to the chase and explore the top-notch travel tablets that are about to kick your travel game up a notch.

1. RCA Windows 2-in-1 Tablet with Travel Keyboard

RCA Windows 2-in-1 Tablet with Travel Keyboard


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly travel tablet, the RCA 12.2″ Windows 10 2-in-1 Tablet with Travel Keyboard could be a good option for you.


  • Provides clear and vivid images
  • Comes with a travel keyboard
  • Up to 128GB storage capacity


  • Not powerful enough for heavy multitasking or demanding apps
  • Battery life limited to 6 hours
  • Only 2MP resolution front and rear cameras

During our recent trip, we tested the RCA 12.2″ Windows 10 2-in-1 Tablet with Travel Keyboard for a week.

We were quite impressed with this tablet’s clarity and brightness, which made the screen easy to see, day or night. The included travel keyboard was a handy addition, providing comfortable typing while on the move.

We also appreciated the MicroSD card slot, which allowed us to store all our photos and videos without worrying about running out of space.

We feel this tablet’s performance may not satisfy power users, given its Intel Celeron N4000 processor and 2GB of RAM, as we noticed it struggled with heavy multitasking and demanding applications. The battery life, maxing out at 6 hours, left something to be desired, as we frequently had to recharge it during long travel days.

We also noticed that the front and rear cameras, both with 2MP resolution, didn’t deliver high-quality photos or video calls.

So, if you’re in the market for an affordable travel tablet with a decent display and a travel keyboard, the RCA 12.2″ Windows 10 2-in-1 Tablet with Travel Keyboard is a reasonable choice. However, if you need a more powerful tablet with extended battery life and better camera capabilities, you might want to explore other options on our list.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8


If you’re in search of a travel tablet that can match your family’s travel needs, the SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A8 is an excellent choice. Equipped with an enhanced chipset, extended battery life, and storage capacity of up to 128GB, this tablet is ideal for activities like streaming movies, staying connected on social media, and managing emails while you’re on the move.


  • Large 10.5″ LCD screen is great for watching videos
  • The upgraded chipset and long-lasting battery
  • Samsung Kids for kid-friendly use


  • Not as sleek as other tablets on the market
  • 32GB of storage may be limiting
  • Battery life varies depending on usage patterns and other factors

During our recent family vacation, we had the chance to use the SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A8, and it left a positive impression.

The tablet’s 10.5″ LCD screen was excellent for streaming movies and staying connected via video chats with friends and family. We especially liked the upgraded chipset, which facilitated smooth multitasking throughout the day.

A standout feature of the SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A8 is Samsung Kids—an assortment of safe and enjoyable games, books, and videos. It offers a kid-friendly and parent-approved environment for learning and play, instilling good digital habits.

While not the sleekest travel tablet available, we found the Tab A8 easy to pack and carry. Its impressive battery life allowed us to go unplugged for extended periods.

Overall, the SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A8 is a solid choice for families on the move. Its upgraded chipset, extended battery life, and kid-friendly features make it a reliable travel companion that caters to the needs of both parents and children.

3. Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet


If you’re looking for a tablet for your young child, the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet is a great option.


  • The tablet comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee, so if it breaks, Amazon will replace it for free.
  • The Kid-Proof Case with a built-in stand is durable and can protect against drops and bumps.
  • The tablet includes a 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which has thousands of ad-free books, games, videos, apps, and Alexa skills.


  • Low-resolution screen
  • Speakers are not forward-facing, which can impact the sound quality.
  • Shorter battery life than other tablets on the market.

We were quite impressed with this tablet’s durability and kid-friendly features. The kid-proof case has already saved the tablet from a few drops, and the built-in stand is great for watching videos hands-free. The 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ has also been a hit with our child, who loves the variety of content available.

However, we have noticed that the screen resolution is not the best, and the speakers are not forward-facing, which can make the sound quality less than ideal. The battery life is also not as long as some other tablets on the market, so it may need to be charged more frequently, which is not great if you’re traveling for extended periods.

Overall, we would recommend the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet for parents looking for a durable and kid-friendly tablet with plenty of content options.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Microsoft Surface Pro 2


Looking for a versatile tablet that won’t break the bank? Consider the Microsoft Surface Go 2.


  • Scratch resistance coat to resist daily wear and tear
  • IPS panel technology provides high-quality visuals
  • Speedy processor
  • Full HD video recorder


  • Camera pixels are not up to the mark
  • Occasional touchscreen issues

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 features a stunning IPS panel delivering vibrant colors and sharp, high-quality images from various angles, with a slim and sleek HD display at 1920 x 1280 resolution. It also boasts an 8 MP rear camera for impressive photos and video chats.

Running on Windows OS, it provides seamless access to your favorite apps and games while maintaining its slim, stylish, and lightweight design for portability.

This tablet offers a versatile experience, serving as both a capable gaming machine and a reliable movie player. Storage can be expanded with a micro SD card, and it includes unique features like micro HDMI and a 1.7 GHz core_i9_7740x.

Despite its affordability, the Microsoft Surface Go 2 stands out with a powerful processor, 8 GB of RAM, dual cameras, and advanced panel technology, making it one of the most promising options we’ve tested.

5. Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet


If you are looking for a tablet for your child aged 3-7, we highly recommend the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids tablet. It is a well-built tablet that is designed to withstand drops and bumps, and it comes with a kid-proof case. With its bright 10.1″ screen, your child can enjoy thousands of ad-free books, games, videos, apps, and more.


  • Comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee.
  • Includes 1 year of Amazon Kids+
  • High-tech features like an octa-core processor, 3 GB RAM, dual cameras, a USB-C (2.0) port, and up to 1 TB of expandable storage.


  • After 1 year, your subscription to Amazon Kids+ will automatically renew. You can cancel this on the Amazon Parent Dashboard.
  • Only really ideal for kids aged 3-7
  • Won’t be great for children looking for a tablet with more advanced features.

We recently acquired the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids tablet, and it has exceeded our expectations. The tablet impresses with its robust build, complete with a sturdy kid-proof case designed to shield against drops and bumps. An added perk is the included 2-year worry-free guarantee, providing peace of mind.

This tablet is exceptionally user-friendly, and our kids found it a breeze to navigate. The Parent Dashboard is another valuable feature, offering easy content filtering by age, educational goal and time limit settings, and access control for platforms like Netflix and Disney+.

We wholeheartedly recommend the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids tablet for parents seeking a tablet tailored to children aged 3-7. It combines durability with a vibrant 10.1″ screen and an array of ad-free books, games, videos, apps, and more — guaranteeing hours of entertainment during your travels.

6. 2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro (Wi‑Fi, 256GB) – Silver

2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro (Wi‑Fi, 256GB) – Silver


The Apple iPad Pro is an ideal travel companion, thanks to its impressive features. 


  • Excellent image quality
  • Impressive battery life
  • Extremely fast processors
  • Quad speaker Audio system
  • 12MP rear-facing camera


  • Least portable
  • Expensive compared to other travel tablets

The Apple iPad Pro excels as a travel tablet, combining entertainment and productivity seamlessly. Its 11-inch Retina Display with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 and 264 ppi pixel density ensures sharp and vibrant visuals for movies, photos, and reading while on the move.

As a bonus, the iPad Pro is excellent with energy efficiency, thanks to advanced technologies like photo alignment, oxide TFT, and variable refresh rate. These innovations extend the tablet’s battery life, making it reliable for extended use during your travels.

Entertainment is a forte of this tablet, with the Retina Display delivering stunning visuals for movies and videos. The Quad speaker audio system complements this by providing high-quality sound, enriching your on-the-road entertainment.

But the iPad Pro isn’t just for leisure. Fueled by a potent 64-bit A9X chip and an M9 motion coprocessor, it offers swift performance and effortless multitasking with iOS 9 features. 

The tablet’s productivity prowess is further underscored by its 64-bit A9X chip, allowing you to tackle substantial work-related tasks typically reserved for workstations and PCs.

Whether you’re using Picture in Picture or Split View or even handling three simultaneous 4K video streams in iMovie, it caters to creative individuals who appreciate its spacious screen.

We believe the Apple iPad Pro is an exceptional travel companion for professionals on the go, offering a harmonious blend of entertainment, productivity, and portability. Whether you’re catching up on work or creating content while traveling, the iPad Pro is more than up to the challenge.

7. YINOCHE Kids Tablet

YINOCHE Kids Tablet


If you’re looking for a tablet that’s perfect for kids, the YINOCHE Kids Tablet is a great option that you won’t want to miss.


  • The tablet comes with GMS Certified IWAWA Kids Apps pre-loaded, which makes it easy for kids to use.
  • Equipped with an adjustable stand and a multi-touch 1024×600 display that presents a bright display with vivid colors at all angles.
  • With the 32GB storage in this kids’ Android tablet, you can store every wonderful moment.


  • The tablet’s front and rear cameras have low resolution, which may not be suitable for taking high-quality photos.
  • The tablet’s battery life is not as long as other tablets on the market.
  • The processor is not that powerful.

The YINOCHE Kids Tablet offers robust child-friendly features, including parental controls for effective screen time management. 

We loved the pre-installed educational apps designed for toddlers, such as Montessori, STEM, Art and Craft, and Brain Training, which enhance learning. You can also expand options with additional apps from the Google Play Store, including popular choices like Netflix, YouTube Kids, Disney Plus, Duolingo, and more.

Durability is ensured with a protective case, while the adjustable stand and responsive multi-touch display enhance user experience. As a plus, the tablet supports over 40 languages, including Spanish. 

If you seek a child-focused tablet, we recommend the YINOCHE Kids Tablet for its educational value and user-friendly design.

8. Contixo 7-inch Kids Learning Tablet

Contixo 7-inch Kids Learning Tablet


If you are looking for a tablet that is both kid-friendly and educational, then the Contixo 7-inch Kids Learning Tablet might be a good choice for you.


  • Comes with pre-installed educational apps
  • Easy parental control and full access to Google
  • Kid-proof case and a built-in kickstand


  • Battery life could be better
  • Screen resolution is not great
  • Some users have reported slow loading times

The Contixo 7-inch Kids Learning Tablet proved to be an excellent choice for young children embarking on their learning journey. It impressively comes loaded with over 20 pre-installed educational apps meticulously designed by Academy Learning Experts, rendering it a top-rated educator-approved device.

Ease of use is a hallmark of this tablet, complemented by robust parental control features, which empower you to manage screen time and filter kid-friendly content. Furthermore, it offers full access to Google services like Gmail, YouTube, and Disney+.

We found the kid-proof case of the Contixo 7-inch Kids Learning Tablet to be a valuable asset, featuring a built-in kickstand that facilitates hands-free video viewing. Additionally, it includes a stylus designed for children aged 3-10.

While the tablet’s battery life could be improved, it generally sufficed for most daily activities. Although the screen resolution could be higher, we found it to be clear and easily readable. Occasionally, we encountered slow loading times, but these issues did not significantly impact our testing.

We recommend the Contixo 7-inch Kids Learning Tablet if you have young children just embarking on their educational journey. It’s an excellent choice for parents seeking a safe and educational device that is both user-friendly and travel-friendly.

9. TravelWifi Sapphire Tablet

TravelWifi Sapphire Tablet


If you’re looking for a tablet that can keep you connected while you travel, the TravelWifi Sapphire Tablet is a great option.


  • Lightning-fast performance thanks to Android 11 OS, Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor, and 4 GB RAM
  • Unlimited global internet in over 130 countries with CloudSIM technology
  • High-speed internet connection to 5 devices and 15-hour battery life


  • The Sapphire protective case is sold separately
  • A little on the heavy side, at 1.9 pounds
  • The 2 MP front camera is not ideal

The TravelWifi Sapphire Tablet impressed us with its lightning-fast performance, handling everything from emails to video streaming. Its CloudSIM technology ensures a stable internet connection in over 130 countries, making it an excellent travel companion.

While the tablet’s 8 MP rear camera takes great photos and videos, the 2 MP front camera disappointed us. It can connect up to 5 devices and offers a long 15-hour battery life, ensuring you stay connected throughout your journey.

We will admit that there are some downsides: the Sapphire protective case is sold separately, and the tablet is somewhat heavy at 1.9 pounds, making it less ideal for those seeking a lightweight option. We feel the TravelWifi Sapphire Tablet is a strong choice if you simply want to stay connected during travels and don’t need it to make video calls.

10. Niuniutab 10-inch Android Tablet

Niuniutab 10-inch Android Tablet


If you’re in need of a reliable and affordable travel tablet, then the Niuniutab 10-inch Android Tablet comes highly recommended.


  • Comes with the latest Android 11 operating system already installed
  • The HD IPS touchscreen has narrow bezels that provide a more vibrant viewing experience
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life


  • Disappointing 8 MP rear camera 
  • 10-inch screen size could be bigger
  • Average battery life tends to be around 6 hours

The Niuniutab 10-inch Android Tablet is a solid choice for travelers who are spontaneous and prone to plans changing. Its versatility makes it suitable for activities like watching YouTube, reading books, browsing the web, video conferencing, and mobile gaming.

The Niuniutab runs on the latest Android 11 OS, ensuring consistent app performance. Its HD IPS touchscreen has narrow bezels and offers vibrant visuals, which you can watch for hours thanks to its 2.5D Curved Screen that reduces eye fatigue. The dual speakers enhance audio, and the matte anti-glare coating reduces reflections for video watching and calls – perfect for travel when lightning can vary throughout your trip.

You can enjoy all this for up to 8 hours thanks to the 5000mAh battery and efficient CPU. Niuniutab, as a company, is also fairly responsive and has solid after-sales service, including 24/7 online support, a one-year warranty, free repairs, and convenient return and exchange options if it’s not exactly what you’re looking for.

The Niuniutab 10-inch Android Tablet is budget-friendly, reliable, and a strong contender for your next travel gadget.

Things To Consider When Buying the Best Travel Tabler?

best tablet for travel

When choosing a travel tablet, there are several factors to consider. The size and weight of the device are crucial, as you want something that is easy to carry and won’t take up too much space in your luggage. 

Battery life is also essential because being stuck without your charger while you’re travelling is the worst feeling in the world. Once that’s sorted, you can start looking at other features like storage capacity, screen resolution, and connectivity options.

If you’re need of a checklist to refer to while shopping for travel tablets, we’ve compiled a list of features that you should also keep an eye out for.

Operating System

Your choice of operating system may depend on the type of phone or laptop you already have, but it can significantly impact your tablet’s performance and functionality with your other devices.

  • Android. Android’s OS  offers versatility and affordability, with frequent updates for the latest features.
  • Windows. Windows’s OS is ideal for affordability and control and provides a desktop-like experience and software compatibility.
  • iOS. This OS is exclusive to iPads. iOS offers unique features like split-screen multitasking and superior integration with other Apple devices.


Size, weight, and durability are critical factors for travel tablets, especially if you plan to take them through airport security. Opting for tablet devices that weigh less than 1.5 pounds with screen sizes between 7 – 10 inches will offer you the best TSA experience.

Battery Life

Choosing a tablet with extended battery life (at least 8 hours) is essential to ensure that you’re not caught in a situation where your battery dies in a crucial moment like check-in.

Storage Capacity

Searching for tablets with at least 32GB of storage is another necessary step to buying the best travel tablet. How else are you going to keep all those holiday pictures?

Display Quality

One of the most common uses for tablets is to watch shows and movies while travelling, so having a display quality that is clear and has a high resolution. Tablets with at least 1080p resolution and an IPS display should be the minimum.

Connectivity Options

Ensure your tablet features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity features so you can listen with wireless earphones, don’t have to contend with buffering, and can keep up to date with work.


Have questions brewing about which travel tablet you should purchase? Have a look at our answers to some of the questions we’ve receive the most about tablets for traveling. 

What are the best tablets for travel?

Some top choices for the best travel tablet include the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, and Microsoft Surface Go. They offer high quality resolutions, and extended battery life, and varied storage options at reasonable prices.

What is the best lightweight tablet for travel?

Those looking for lightweight travel tablets should consider the Apple iPad Air, which weighs only 1 pound and has a 10.9-inch display.

What tablet works like a laptop for business travel?

If you want a tablet to use as a laptop while travelling, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a strong contender, offering a detachable keyboard for typing on-the-go and Windows 10 OS compatibility. Other choices include the Apple iPad Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+.

Final Thoughts on the Best Tablet for Traveling

There is such a diverse range of travel tablets catering to various needs and budgets. From the budget-friendly RCA 12.2″ Windows 10 2-in-1 Tablet to family-friendly options like the SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A8, and kid-centric tablets such as the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet, there’s something for everyone.

The 2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro impresses with its top-tier performance. The TravelWifi Sapphire Tablet ensures global connectivity. The Niuniutab 10-inch Android Tablet offers budget-conscious travelers a reliable option. The choice ultimately depends on individual preferences, but there’s no shortage of travel-ready tablets to enhance your next adventure.