Best Tablets For Teenagers In 2023

Are you searching for the best tablets for teenagers? If yes then you are absolutely at the right place. There are different brands that manufacture different tablet models every year.

That is why it is a difficult task to choose the best one. While picking up the best tablet for your teen, you have to be careful in making a final decision. To make your task easier for you, we have reviewed the top best tablets for teenagers. After reviewing a lot of tablets, we have come to select the best among them.

Let’s take a look at our detailed guide to the best tablets for teenagers.

In-depth Review – Best Tablets For Teens

1. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 

Lenovo is a famous company that manufactures different products like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. All these products are shipped to every part of the world and they are unbelievably reliable, sporting some of the longest battery life out of all tablets. These quality products are the reason why Lenovo is too famous all across the world.

The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus shows up with an ‎Android 12 octa-core processor. This tablet is available with two different RAM variations. It depends upon you whether you like to have 4GB RAM.

The same goes for storage, it also comes with two different variations. You can choose a tablet with whether 64GB of storage. Both storage options are enough to store different things on your tablet.

The device arrives with an Android 12 and it is no doubt a less demanding version of Android. It runs smoothly and you can also update it. The 4GB of RAM is not enough for some processes, and you may feel slow performances while playing a game or while downloading a heavy app.

  • Amazing battery life
  • It is a fast-working tablet
  • It can be used for multiple purposes.
  • The camera is a bit poor.
  • The RAM is not enough to perform different actions on the device.

If you are in search of the best tablet for your teenager then the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus is a perfect choice. This versatile tablet can help your kid to perform different tasks easily. But due to low RAM, your teen may encounter slow performance.

2.  Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is surely among the good tablets for your teenager. It comes with different advanced features that can be utilized for the betterment of your child. With this versatile device, your device can create accounts on social media apps, play various games, explore the internet for studying, and much more.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to monitor the activities of your child on the internet. This tablet lets you fulfill your responsibility in a good way.

The amazing Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 that combines fast performance and blitztering power efficiency. You can enjoy smooth responsiveness and stunning graphics.

Parents can also restrict the access of their children to inappropriate applications, the internet, or the total time their child can use the internet. The Galaxy Tab A8 is equipped with a 2 GHz ‎Galaxy Tab processor that increases the ease of usage of this tablet.

It offers its consumers 3GB RAM that accompanies the processor and is good for multitasking things with zero lag. While talking about the screen resolution of this tablet, you will come to know that it offers an HD screen resolution of 1920 x 1200 and it creates high-quality visuals on its 10.1 inches screen.

It offers a storage space of 16GB that can be expanded up to 64 GB with the help of a micro SD card. This is no doubt a perfect tablet for your teenager if he likes to do multiple tasks.

  • Stunning camera
  • Great entertainment device
  • It is equipped with the latest processor.
  • The battery life gives the best possible experience.
  • It is equipped with different multimedia functionalities.
  • Lot of preoccupied space.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is the perfect choice for your teenager if he wants to perform multiple actions on the device. This device is quite affordable with some amazing features. You can play games, and watch animations with a super cool sound system.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+

The previous version of the Samsun Galaxy Tab S8 tablet was a good one as well but different users reported that it has a huge amount of issues. The Galaxy Tab S8+ is the successor of the previous version and has arrived with different changes and a unique and aesthetic design.

The Galaxy Tab S8+ is no doubt an inexpensive choice with a lot of good features. It offers a display screen of 12.4 inches. I would say that if your teen is into games then go for Galaxy Tab S8+ as it is the best available choice. It offers 8 GB RAM with a storage space of 128 GB. It offers Android as an operating system.

The Galaxy Tab S8+ utilizes the ‎Snapdragon processor that runs with a good speed of 8 GHz, which is further accompanied by ‎a Qualcomm chipset that results in a massive performance.

  • The overall performance of this tablet is excellent
  • It shows up with a good storage space
  • The camera is not that good

Overall, this tablet is a good one if your teen loves gaming. The speed and performance of this device are perfect.

4. Apple iPad mini

Apple Ipad Mini

If you are looking for an outstanding tablet with the latest equipped processor then the Apple iPad Mini is a solid choice for you. It is composed of an Apple A8 motion processor that was specifically made for the best speed and usability.

The heart of this tablet lies in the processor and efficiency of the device. It also has a retina display for displaying high-quality images and overall a high resolution for the best user experience.

The retina display of this tablet makes it easy for the eyes, as it is a good option for teens that have sensitive eyes or the ones who wear glasses.
  • It comes with a good storage space of 64GB.
  • The latest equipped processor helps the processor to run faster.
  • The display resolution of this device is high.
  • It is a bit expensive as compared to the other tablet models in the same lineup.

This tablet is best for performing everyday work as well as gaming. If your teenager loves to do multiple tasks at once then the device is ideal for him. The storage space and the processor make this device fast that’s why it is good.

5. Fire HD 10

Fire HD 10 Tablet

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet is another good choice that ranks well in our list of best tablets for teenagers. It shows up with a full HD 10.1 inches screen with an aspect ratio of 16:10 that is outstanding for you to watch videos and play games on a bigger screen.

It contains a 2GHz octa-core processor that is enough to boost up your daily processes and games. While talking about RAM and storage options you will come to know that is equipped with 2GB RAM. There are two different storage options that are added in the new Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet, for instance, 32 GB and 64 GB. This storage is enough to store your files and make your games and high-end applications run faster.

If still, you think that you think that you are not compatible with a storage space of 64GB then you can extend it by using a microSD card slot. It is composed of Fire OS 7 based on Android 9 as an operating system. The Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet device is more efficient than the previous model. A recent study by the manufacturers revealed that it is 30% faster as compared to its previous version.

The overall functionality and multitasking of this device are quite good, you can easily switch between apps without even facing a lag. The battery life of this tablet is much more solid, the average battery life lasts for 11 hours or even more. No matter if you are streaming or browsing videos the battery life is quite good.

As mentioned above, this tablet is composed of Fire OS 7 which is similar to Android 9. The main and biggest difference between these two operating systems is that Fire OS 7 does not support Google Play Store and different Google applications. The Amazon App Store has its own media apps.

  • It has a good screen
  • The battery life of this tablet is quite solid
  • The speakers are good
  • It is durable
  • The overall performance is outstanding
  • The camera is rubbish
  • It consumes a lot of time to get fully charged
  • It does not support Google apps and some apps are also missing from the Amazon App Store

This tablet is quite durable and responsive. You can use it to download and store various things. Also, it is perfect for live-streaming purposes.

6. Apple iPad Air (2022)

Apple iPad Air (2022)

The Apple iPad Air is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a good tablet to use if you don’t mind playing at a slightly more premium price. It offers a pleasant look and a good textured finish, these looks feel way better as compared to a simple plastic. And it makes sense, Apple is known for its premium devices and this new generation iPad Air is a great upgrade.

This tablet offers a reflective screen. The display is about 10.9 inches which is perfect for streaming video or doing productive tasks. The Apple iPad Air runs on Mac OS, the premier OS for Apple devices that offers great compatibility with any other Mac OS devices you may have.

  • This device provides great value for a premium
  • It has good battery life.
  • The hardware equipment is also improved.
  • The MAC OS still has a lot of restrictions.

7. Microsoft Surface Go 3

Microsoft Surface Go 3

The Microsoft Surface Go 3 is a great option that contains a soft-touch matte back. It is equipped with an Intel Pentium Gold processor. It has 8GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage which is enough for you to store your things and make your daily ends meet.

The Microsoft Surface Go 3, a 10.5″ Microsoft Tablet, with a dual-core Processor, 128GB Storage, and 8GB RAM, uses full-fledged Windows 11, Dolby Atmos Support, and Surface Pen as an operating system. The UI is quite related to the stock Android.

  • This tablet is smart, and it is made up of a versatile concept
  • Excellent battery life
  • It has a good display
  • The performance of this tablet is a bit slow
  • Could use some more processing power

Things To Consider Before Buying the Best Tablet For Teens?

How to choose the best tablet for a teenager? Well, to find the best tablet for your teenager you have to go through a lot of different factors. For example, the very first thing that you should do is find out the main purpose to use a tablet.

best tablet for teenagers

Whether your child wants to use it for playing games or for reading or studying?

Why you should do that?

Determining the purpose is important, it will affect your budget.

There are some fabulous tablets that are extremely inexpensive and that can be used for different purposes. I’ll be including them too. Now, let’s take a quick tour of the factors that you should consider while buying a tablet for a teenager.

Operating System

First of all, check the operating system of your tablet. It is important to consider. There are two main operating systems that are used by different tablet models.

The first one is Apple iOS and the second is the Android OS. It is a matter of your preference, whether you like Apple iOS or Android OS, but both of these are among the top-rated operating systems, and both of them have pros and cons.

Storage Space

If your teen wants to use the tablet for surfing the internet then a tablet with a lower storage space of approximately 8GB would be enough.

On the other hand, if your child likes to download a lot of games, music, videos, etc then you should look for a tablet with higher storage capacity otherwise your teen may face issues while downloading anything from the internet. As well as slow device performance.

Screen Resolution

The tablet company that offers a higher screen resolution will surely stand out in this competitive market. If the screen resolution is high then the device will display sharp text and images. Also, the overall screen time of your teenager will be affected. All the tablets added to this list have a good screen resolution and they are absolutely perfect for purposes like reading comics and watching videos.

Some of these tablets are cutting edge and they provide a better experience.

RAM (Random-Access Memory)

If your teenager wants to perform simple tasks such as reading books online, studying, researching and etc, then a RAM of 2GB or 3GB is enough.

For tasks like gaming, live streaming, and downloading you have to choose a tablet that offers good RAM, for example, a RAM of 4GB to 6GB.

Playing games on a 2GB RAM tablet will result in ultimate lags and freezing errors. You may experience slow device performance which is quite irritating.

No matter for what purpose you are buying a tablet for your teenager, we have tried our best to write down the different devices with a considerable amount of RAM and storage that can easily fulfill your basic needs.

That means you will experience fewer or no lags and freezing errors.


What is the best tablet for 9 years old?
The best tablet for your 9-year-old kid is Amazon Fire HD 10. This tablet provides great value to kids also, it has some control features for parents so that they can monitor the activities of their children.

What age is good for a child to use a tablet?
Children aged 2 or 5 years can use a tablet.

Are iPads good for babies?
Researchers say that using iPads and other electronic devices for babies is not a good thing.

Parting Shot/Conclusion

I hope that you will enjoy my opinion about the best tablets for teenagers. These tablets are chosen after detailed research, and every tablet on the list has its own pros and cons. So, choose wisely and let me know about your choice in the comments section. Also, if you have any questions or queries then let me know as well.