Best Tablets for College Students On A Budget

Students require reliable and different gear for fast note-taking, research, and tackling the college lifestyle! For that, we understand those inexpensive yet quality-oriented tablets are usually what every college student leans towards. Lucky for you, we’ll be exclusively talking about the best tablets for college students on a budget!

If you are about to start your classes or even studying from home, the tablet with its sound remote communication and ample storage should readily cater to the anticipated results.

Usually, tablets are preferred for their portability factor and essential features that a full-on laptop would offer. However, if you find a lasting battery too, it becomes a bonus point.

To keep the college and academic requirements in mind, we have listed state-of-the-art tablets. Let’s find out which features dominate your preference and which you pick as your finalized purchase.

And you know what? There is a thorough buying guide and common quarries that will help you even more to select the ideal tab!

Best Budget Tablets For College Students

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 – The Note-Taker’s Delight

Samsung Galaxy Tab 6


Nobody can deny Samsung’s tablet for its quality and performance. This tablet is slim, smart, and features an impressive style. In addition to that its 10.5 inches of display and the widescreen approach make sure you pick a complete picture of each frame. The resolution is quite clear since the 2560×1600 display.

In addition to that HD front-facing camera is best for video calls and taking selfies too. The sound and audio quality are reliable due to its loud enough output. Besides, the Dolby Atmos surround sound is a standard approach that never lets up for its technology.

Galaxy Tab 6 is the best-suited tablet for students since it is offering you two months of free YouTube Premium and six months of free Spotify Premium! You can do tons of research and information practice for free. Moreover, its better life can last up to 10 hours, allowing for powerful non-stop performance when you’re undertaking academic tasks.

There are many features that imply its usability. For instance, you get a 12 MP camera and ‎2.84 GHz AMD graphics for efficient performance. Additionally, its 1 USB-C port is good enough for smoothness in connectivity.

Its microSD has up to 1TB external memory and the 6GB (RAM) + 128 GB internal memory should be enough for a student and learner. Moreover, to make the performance efficient, Samsung galaxy is offering you the Kabini A6 5200M Quad-Core embedded processor for more robust output.

For starters, this table won’t let you down. The stable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and lightweight design are all about impressive output!

  • 2 in 1 capabilities
  • Fast charging
  • Comes with an S Pen
  • Lightweight and slim built
  • Terrible screen sensitivity
  • Slightly pricey

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A – Professional Photography

Samsung Galaxy Tab A


Under a fair budget, Samsung is a trusted brand known for its quality and compatibility. This is another tab by Samsung from the A series. It is robust and for students, it is the ideal personal assistant.

The premium design and efficiency in performance are something you can lean on. To enhance your security and more powerful interaction, this tablet is offering you the face recognition feature within. This is an outstanding feature that makes sure your privacy as well.

In addition to that you have the stylus that makes the overall tablet use more innovative and natural. Its S Pen attaches magnetically right to your tablet and you get the paper-to-pen relation to writing swiftly and more conveniently.

Moreover, its lightweight and ultra-slim build is perfect to carry around.

This is 10.1 inches display with slate and comes with pretty sound quality in the 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution as well. For more perfection, the Dolby Atmos’ three-dimensional surround sound gives away the loud and audible sound.

The battery is long-lasting and works with 6,150 mAh (typical) of battery life and the USB-C port is standard for charging up. When you are in class or working on an assignment, this table is best to get the uninterrupted approach! For students, this is a recommended mid-range tab that is a master to take notes, write, and quiet operations.

  • Sturdy design
  • Stunning FullHD display
  • Super quality sound
  • All-day-long battery performance
  • Weak camera
  • Comes with low storage

3. Apple IPad Pro – Productivity Ensured

Apple IPad Pro


Apple IPad Pro is a tablet to keep you productive during your classes. If you are an art student or want to get on top of your productivity, this piece of gear will live up to your expectations.

For drawing and illustrating in a realistic approach, this Apple iPad Pro comes with a responsive design. Its digital pen, sold separately, makes sure you have a quick photo editing and fast drawing options at a moment’s notice.

For compatibility factor, you have compatibility with Smart Keyboard Folio and Bluetooth keyboards, with plenty of Apple software to provide you support as a built-in feature. For using different apps, software, and programs, compatibility never becomes a thing to worry about.

You can focus on your classes and get things done right away. Moreover, the active area for drawing or taking notes comes with the compact range featuring a 12.9‑inch Liquid Retina display and the best part is that it is for both left and right-handed users!

For college students, the tablet should be highly responsive to match the speed and time of your requirement – it’s worth picking up an Apple Pen to work with as well. You will certainly feel its comfortable and active built style. This table especially dedicates its usability to students and lets you share ideas between teachers and students seamlessly.

Not only for arts but for subjects that need representations, this tab makes sure the worthy presence right away.  Overall, this tablet is all about robust ease and hassle-free performance that a laptop or real pen can’t otherwise do!

  • Best for overall workload
  • Gigabyte class LTE
  • Compatible with macOS software
  • Apple Suite & Compatability
  • On the pricey side
  • No Windows

4. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 – Stunning Display for Streaming

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7


The Galaxy series tablet is quite well-known and has also got trustworthy reviews from its users as well. This tablet, Samsung has created it with the professional user’s experience in mind. For instance, this slate for students is offering you a larger screen with a TFT LCD display. It enables you to pick and read detailed pages without muddling up the text!

Certainly, if you are studying by taking the help of a tablet, this one is offering you, quad speakers, with Dolby Atmos Surround sound which means you have quite clear sound quality no matter if it’s from a recording or online streaming!

Its S pen has been engineered with the 9ms Pen latency to make sure perfect table control over intricate movements. Additionally, the fast-charging USB-C port and the stable Wi-Fi never let you down in terms of its high-end approach. For students, it holds a special place.

This is an 11-inch tablet and that makes it handy, compact, and comfortable to carry around. The display is as fine as its camera result. Moreover, the 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA) is there to satisfy your demands.

It comes with the Qualcomm SDM865+ Octa Core however it is expandable to up to 1TB Storage which is really a great deal for a budget tablet. It’s an Android 10.0 version of the operating system, and the 128 GB flash memory and 6GB RAM would serve you right.

The embedded wide 13MP and ultra-wide 5MP dual back, and 8MP front-facing cameras have been engineered with much dedication. If you want to take quick snaps of important notes, and assignments, and record a lecture, this tablet makes it all an easy-breezy procedure.

  • Its 2-in-1 design is for enhanced ease
  • Fingerprint unlock for added security
  • Comes with sync and easy-to-use features
  • S pen for drawing and writing
  • 15 hours of a robust battery
  • Randomly changing screens and opening and closing apps by itself
  • Cannot turn off vibrations

5. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – Processing Power Galore

Microsoft Surface Pro 7


Do you want a tablet with PC performance with ultra-mobility in its build? This Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is certainly your choice of gear. This tablet is not only smart in its performance but also in its appearance.

The dainty and sober color, polished look, and the 12.3’ inches of high resolution never keep you from picking details. Additionally the PixelSense: display lets you write and work effortlessly!

Keeping the students’ usage in mind, this tablet won’t feel heavy on your hands or shoulder when carrying it in a bag. Its 1.74 pounds of weight is quite worthy of being a quality holder. Moreover, you can travel along with it.

Moreover, the Microsoft Surface Go with the 10-point multi-touch experience feels smooth, natural, and more productive when you want to keep the swiftness alive. For making your college assignment quick, this tab comes with a lasting 10 hours of battery life. For performing in high quality, this tablet comes with 256 GB memory and 16 GB RAM pre-installed!

Besides, there has been an ambient light sensor installed for ultra-ease. It is compatible with Windows and the Windows 10 Home in S mode further ensures the latest compatibility and sync performance.  The multi-tasking USB C, fast charging surface, and headphone jack deliver a responsive approach no matter what.

  • Let you to use tablet, studio and laptop mode
  • Lasting battery timings
  • Fast, efficient, and upgradable
  • Comes with built-in protection against malware
  • Rear-facing 8.0 megapixel HD camera
  • Can’t download PDFs
  • Crash prone

6. Fire HD 10 Tablet – Extremely Budget-Friendly

Fire HD 10 Tablet


Usually, the tablet for students doesn’t feature luxurious features and functions. And that is good for a reason. Your attention should be on studies and therefore, the Fire HD tablet is another choice for keeping things simple yet efficient.

First of all the Fire HD 10 tablet has been designed with a 10.1’ inches display and the 1080p full HD performance is a sure shot way to pick the true-to-life detail in each frame.

 It also offers you 2 MP front and rear-facing cameras with 720p HD video recording which means you can take shots, and capture important notes digitally with just a click!

Moreover, the storage capacity is quite reliable. It’s available in 32 or 64 GB of internal storage, however, if you want you can certainly enhance it up to 512 GB with microSD! It’s totally your choice.

Loading many programs, software, and apps shouldn’t take much time. Therefore, you get to have the new 9th generation 2.0 GHz Octa-core processor and 2 GB of RAM in this slate. It ensures you have the quick multi-tasking and swiftest loading that works best in the classroom when you are receiving a lecture.

If your tablet is smart, you don’t want to interrupt its output. Fire HD is readily offering you 12 hours of non-stop use. With fuller use and all features on, you get the most surprising battery timing that is amazing while being within a specific budget.

With its Accelerometer, ambient light sensors and 3.5 mm stereo jack, and integrated speaker, there is not any reason left behind to underestimate this little wonder.

Moreover, it comes engineered with a USB-C (2.0) connector and includes Type-A to Type-C cable for more connectivity. Additionally, the microSD slot for external storage is there for further support.

  • Dual-band wifi with Bluetooth 5.0
  • Ambient light sensors for better viewing
  • Hands-free with Alexa
  • Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 delivers a powerful signal range
  • Comes with a built-in comfort stand
  • It feels little heavy
  • Little bit slow under heavy load

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Tablets For College Students

Never opt for dedicated gear without knowing the exact things to consider before you buy. It’s quite obvious that no one would like to spend money in search of the perfect note-taking, video recording, or assignment tablet device just to be disappointed. Therefore, even if you have a specific budget range, keep a few things in mind that would help you come up with the wiser gear.

RAM (Performance)

The tablet for college students should come with a multi-tasking approach. You have to open multiple tabs, research, and much more.

Besides, if you are an art student you definitely have to come across robust apps and software. Therefore, make sure the latest tab comes with 2 GB of RAM. If it can be upgraded it would be best.

Battery Life

The battery is another crucial factor. Even in a fair budget range, you have the privilege to look for batteries that last all day long. Tablets it is already a plus point that they work more than laptops. Therefore, make sure the battery has been embedded with quality in mind.

HDMI And Connectivity

The tablet for students must come with fast and stable Bluetooth. Also the MicroSD card slot, USB mini or USB-C port, Wi-Fi, and AV jack input/output, mini HDMI output are something that will help you a great deal while interacting with your fellow mates and teachers.

Storage Capacity

Without storage of the data, there’s no point. In the classroom, you might have to record lectures, audio, or even make a video. All this demands a sane storage capacity. Usually, 64 GB is a standard that wouldn’t let you down.

Display and Camera

The display screen of your tablet matters the most. Even for writing and taking notes, color accuracy and vivid sharp clarity are crucial. A screen 10’’inches or above would be ideal, whereas the 1,280 x 800 pixels resolution delivers flawless details.

The camera is another important feature; its HD 720p display is what lets you make video calls with efficiency.


Is a tablet good for college students?

Yes, absolutely. As long as your studies demand the use of a gadget you can certainly take its suitability to the product level. With a well-balanced schedule, a tablet also makes sure to quicken and fasten your pace of not’s take, assignment making, and interacting with your teachers. Taking help with tech majorly helps a lot.

Which is a better tab or laptop for students?

Opting for a tablet or laptop all depends on your need and preference. Tablets are usually lightweight and faster which becomes the best choice for college students. Besides, its low price and affordability are other factors that weigh it down.

However, for university students and higher studies, a laptop is recommended! There is certain software that asks you for its dedicated build for which only laptops are preferred.

Can a tablet be used for online classes?

Tablets for online classes and homeschooling are not only efficient but also offer you the entire essential feature that you need. From Zoom meetings to managing your emails, a tablet is now catering to your needs with the right features. Many colleges as well as professional learners are inspired by the seamless performance of a tablet.

Is face unlock and fingerprint reader important for college students?

For securing your important data, assignments, and files, a fingerprint future is highly valuable. Moreover for enhanced safety, you get the tablet more advances. If you get the innovation in a budget tablet it is certainly a fair deal to opt for.

However, if your usage isn’t that much core, you can certainly skip it. The face unlock feature and the fingerprint scanner is all about the security and safety of your data!

Final Verdict

If you are yet to make a purchase, this article would enlighten you with insight and recent information. We have kept the latest technology in mind and you will find each tablet highly innovative. With super displays, the table comes with security features, anti-malware protection, and much more.

Still, want to pick the best? Read the guide again!