Best Tablet for Your 8 Year Old In 2023

Best tablets for 8-year-olds are more durable and hold interesting features including a range of games, audiobooks, and more.

The diversity in brands and their tempting aspect is practically limitless and so today’s tablets have become a vital part to educate kids at a very young age and of course creating awareness towards tech use.

But for homeschooling and education, a tablet makes its presence more valuable. Kids who are pre-teens are attracted to the creative and seamless approach to getting educated. Today’s kids always want to try new things therefore we have included user-friendly and robust gear – from simple to high-tech you will find the gear you can lean on.

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Even if your kid isn’t techy, the smart feature and single-click operation never let you feel that

Here we shall shed light on the in-demand and quality gadgets that come up as best friends.

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In-Depth Review – Best Tablets for 8 year Old

1. Apple iPad 10th Generation – Our Overall Pick

Apple iPad 10th Generation

This Apple table has been designed with powerful features that make sure the best performance by being kids-friendly gear.

This is a dedicated writing tablet and the display screen has been engineered with a 10.9-inch screen. You have reliable flicker-free and radiation-free technology which gives your kid absolute performance even under prolonged screen time – the 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display is the cherry on top.

LCD Writing Tablet comes with a more practical approach and the stylus gives you enough sensitivity which means you have the perfect writing with realistic toughness that kids can relate to. Moreover, the incredible A14 Bionic chip with a 6-core CPU and 4-core GPU lets you enjoy a wide array of features and games.

What makes interesting use more valuable is the lock key which prevents the sudden and random deletion of your writing.

Although tablets are portable in the first place, this one has been designed with enhanced durability and a lightweight design. Kids get the fuller privilege to hold and use it carefree! The display is quite smart and its oil, ink, and dust-free design ensures even more practical use.

  • 12 MP rear camera
  • Compatible with Apple Pencil (1st Gen)
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Incredibly expensive

2. Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet

Fire HD 8 Kids tablet

This is another choice for your eight-year-old kid. Tablets by Amazon Fire come in innovative and amazing styles. If you want something chicer and more feature-rich, this tab is here for you.

Unlike the previous one, this Fire tablet has an HD display with a display of 8’’ inches. It’s more like a pro device for a kid of 8 years of age. It comes with the kid’s proof case and you have its built-in stand as well. For a comfortable and more ergonomic experience, you have it for the right reason.

The kids-proof casing enhances durability and sudden drop. Moreover, the 2-year warranty keeps things in control. Certainly, kids like to play games and listen to their favorite tunes. This tablet comes with over 20,000 apps, games, books, videos, Audible books, and educational content.

In addition to that you have its drastically dedicated battery that works like a beast for your kids. You have 12 hours of more than all-day-long battery performance without a single caution.

Moreover, the embedded 32 GB of internal storage and option for a microSD card for up to 1 TB of additional storage never lets your desire become confined. Furthermore, you have the Quad-core: 2.0 GHz with 2 GB of RAM and the USB-C (2.0) for perfection in charging.

All in all, this tablet is the best fit for your kid if you want more professional gear.

  • Kid’s proof design
  • HD camera for taking shorts
  • Pre-loaded with diverse kids’ content
  • Robust battery timings
  • Lacks speedy processing
  • No parental control

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is another option for your 8-year-old kid. It is particularly designed to keep smooth and seamless writing in mind. Besides, when you have no option but to stare at the screen, this tablet makes the eye protection future possible.

In addition to that you have its 8.7″ inches larger screen that is a sure and perfect design for writing, drawing, and watching videos in the best way. For kids, this tablet is pretty advanced!

Its multi-functional writing board and the quality-made stylus are quite sensitive to picking the action right away. The display comes without annoying glare and radiation which means the kid wouldn’t have to set the viewing angle for perfect output.

It offers you the swift and smart one-click clearing of the writing which means the performance is more innovative than you can anticipate. Also, the unlock and lock key for the writing and drawing make certain that you don’t get sudden delete of your work. Its smooth and super amazing navigation welcomes your kid to draw, doodle, write, and count to improve the studious approach with the help of technology.

This tablet is a simple one on the list and it would be great startup gear for your 8-year-old. Leaning and entertainment have become a side-by-side process for which this VERY LCD Writing tablet is a perfect choice.

  • Durable design and efficient performance
  • Best for drawing and writing
  • Comes with full Android support
  • A great starting price
  • Display resolution is lacking
  • Battery life could be better

4. Lenovo Tab P11 Plus

Lenovo Tab P11 Plus

If you want to indulge your kids in writing and academic tasks in a fun and amusing way, this tablet will never let go of your hopes. The Lenovo Tab P11 Plus tablet has been the in-demand gear among kids and pre-teens. Its cute and stylish build also enhances the usability, since kids prefer the chic gear and then opt for a dull black derive.

Its 11″ inches of compact display set the seal on eye cater protection as well. Even those who don’t like the brightness on the screen find this gear pretty much suitable. Besides, the durability in the overall tablet including the ace batter welcomes you to have nonstop use and quality tie with it.

the P11 Plus has been designed with an inspiring design and easy-to-operate design for which kids 4, 5, or even three years find it useful. It is lightweight and easy to carry and hold. If you are traveling long and taking a tiring road trip this tablet will take the kid into the world of imagination. The plastic-made case makes the durability factor alive. The key lock feature is the latest and prevents accidental erase mishaps.

This is an awesome drawing board that is available in multiple rainbow colors. For kids that matters the most!

  • Full Android compatibility
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Extremely long battery life
  • Amazing display
  • Sadly, keyboard is not included
  • Poor camera quality

5. Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Tablet

Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablet

Generally, kids are ahead of time and like to have a device that is no less than a high-end robust tech-wonder. This tablet by Fire has been designed to keep that very thought in mind. You have its feature-rich and remarkable performance for your 8-year-old kid that makes sure the durability as well.

Its 8 inches HD display with 280 x 800 (189 ppi) comes with the finest accuracy in every color frame. This table has been specially designed for writing and powerful processing in mind you get the reliability of swift tasks and have its quad-core processor, and an installed 2 GB RAM.

It comes with 2 MP front and rear-facing cameras with 720p HD video recording output. Moreover, the dual camera takes clear and bright photos that are suitable when it comes to an eight-year-old kid. This table also features the USB-C (2.0) port, and up to 1 TB of expandable storage which is more than sufficient. Also, dual-band Wi-Fi seamlessly supports 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz networks.

With the availability of WiFi, you get robust connectivity and stay in touch approach no matter where you are. Also, the Alexa-enabled device or the Alexa app is another easy to follow.  Its own web browser has been designed with a built-in control that gives parents the privilege to filter out the websites they want.

This tablet is a responsible gear. If your child is more into technology and likes to operate rather than pro features this one offers you some detailed features such as zoom calling and more.

  • Dual band delivers stable signals
  • 720p video recording
  • Lightweight and handy
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty
  • All day-long battery
  • WiFi may be slow
  • Might be some issues downloading certain apps

Final Verdict

The best tablet for 8-year-olds is more stylish and targets the user-friendly built style. We have especially included the super-efficient, fully loaded kid’s content and the latest models of tabs that your kids would appreciate using. Keep the tablet stand out by picking up interesting colors!