Best Tablets for Artists In 2022 [Ultimate Guide]

Are you a logo designer and searching for the perfect slate that would do justice with your work? If so, this is the right place to be at. For 3D illustrators, only the best tablets for artists work seamlessly!

Certainly in search of an ideal tab you can’t stake the compatibility factor. It is supposed to be compatible with Photoshop, Affinity Photo and more similar apps. Likewise, a PC isn’t a last option which you have to rely on.  Tablets readily tackle the mobility parameter for artists.  Therefore it’s always wise to pick the quality that never lets your hopes die.

If we specifically talk about the features and output, a tab for artists should come with high-end sensitivity and responsiveness to each touch.

Also the vivid and bright hues, exact difference in each color shade and to top it off, the welcoming compatibility towards diverse drawing software is all-important.

Don’t give yourself a hard time to search through each and every brand as we have crafted the list of top 5 digital slates keeping its committed features in mind.

Are you ready to explore the recent tablets?

So let’s begin.

In-depth Review – Best Tablets for Artists

1. GAOMON PD1161



GAOMON PD1161 is a great tablet for its full-range features. It has been engineered with the 11.6’’ inches display which gives your sight the crystal-clarity and vivid bright colors. For 3D animation, this tablet works more like a professional gear.

Additionally the battery-free pen makes sure you have the ever-ready performance. It has two programmable buttons whereas the 8192 level pressure has been designed to ensure the prompt response to every stroke. Joining lines and making an image feels natural. Moreover the tilt support makes your illustration highly smart and highly smart to work on.

You also have the 8 shortcut keys privilege which means you have quick access to important functions such as zoom in/out, scroll up and down, and more. It is a blessing for keeping your drawing on tablet experience highly user-friendly.

This lightweight tablet is offering you compatibility with Windows 7 or above. Moreover, it’s also supportive for MacOS10.12 or above versions.  Overall this tablet keeps your working quit smooth and hassle-free. Its swift and speedy performance never fails to deliver premium quality. Moreover, the IPS technology with 178°viewing angle and the 1920 x 1080 would never let down your hopes.

It comes with a supportive anti-glare film which means you have the advanced level approach. Dust won’t make the display hazy hence you get quality throughout. All these features come in an affordable range too!

  • Comes with the AG-FILME pre-applied for screen protection
  • Quick access for multiple functions with 8 shortcuts available
  • In-plane switching technology for wider angles
  • Latest software compatibility
  • Does not come with a stand
  • Its stylus may scratches the screen

2. XP-PEN Artist15.6 Pro

XP-PEN Artist15.6 Pro


This is another choice that gives your graphical work a boost and lets the creative imaginations come to life.  XP-PEN Artist15.6Pro is basically a drawing tablet and works wonderfully. The 15.6 inches of display along with the 120% sRGB color accuracy plays a central role in exact color accuracy and preciseness of each hue.  The 1920x1080p resolution is obvious for picking flawless details.

Additionally the full-laminated technology in the screen is best to ensure the distraction-free working approach for users.  Moreover, the 178 degrees of visual angles and rich vivid colors never fails you when making intricate graphical illustrations. So color wise this tablet is the best available deal that you won’t find any low-end.

The HDMI and two USB cables lets you instantly share files and data without any delay. And to ensure the user-friendly and free-style drawing, it is offering you the 60 degrees of tilt function! If you want to draw without compromise on comfort, this tab is all that you need. 

Besides, the batter-free stylus comes with the 8192 level of pressure sensitivity which means you get the action right when you touch the screen. 

For 3D sketching, that really matters the most. Its Red Dial interface instantly makes the premium pen efficiency more practical. Furthermore, there are a total of 8 customizable hotkeys for shortcuts for user’s ease. You get the most usable actions like zoom, and erase on tips!

This is a rich and innovative gear featuring slim thin built overall. The 11mm of profile always feels more convenient when you want a handy tablet. The brightness adjustments are also quite handy. XP-PEN Artist is compatible with the 10/8/7, Mac OS X version 10.10 or above. 

For software, you have a welcoming approach for Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator, Clip Studio, and more. Isn’t it great?

  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Slim and compact built
  • Stylus with tilt recognition
  • Real colors and delay-free response
  • Drivers issues makes left-hand mode really difficult
  • The HDMI support may be unstable




The 15.6 inches of display screen comes with full-lamination. The Full HD display further enhances the display and lets out the stunning graphical details. For drawing in detail the display is pretty much smart and catches the action right away with controlled pointer movements.

Also with IPS panel and anti-glare glass enhances the better handling of graphics. The 178° viewing angles lets you deal in perfection. It comes with the 120% sRGB (92% AdobeRGB) which means you get the accuracy in color gamut ensured. For professionals, this tablet is highly recommended. Moreover, the 1000:1 contrast ratio means the details are finer and more realistic. From drawing to photography, this device is quite responsible for its features. Moreover, the adjustable stand at the rear brings in the customized comfort and even more perfection in your viewing angles.

 It includes a battery-free pen that is as light and smooth as a pencil. Due to its realistic feel you have the griping natural stroke on the slate. On this tablet, the drawing creation has become easier with innovation. 

The stylus has been designed with the 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and ±60° tilt recognition which is amazing to feel. Moreover, its comfortable and gripping exterior is an unspoken feature that plays a pivotal role especially if you treat this tablet roughly.

HUION KAMVAS Pro16 also offers you its 3 in 1 USB-C cable which is effortlessly compatible with Windows 7 or later, Mac OS 10.12 or later as well as Chrome OS 88 or later.  Moreover, for various high-end professional’s software you will find its operating system ever so supportive.

  • Comes with the built-in stand
  • Lightweight and compact for ultra-mobility
  • 8 shortcut keys for quick navigation
  • Anti-glare display screen
  • Compatible with the range of software
  • The pen nib is horrible
  • Tilt changes the cursor position and it wont reset until the pen is away from the tablet

4. Simbans PicassoTab

Simbans PicassoTab


Still searching for the choice that comes unmatchable? Simbans Picasso Tab is here to offer you its remarkable performance followed by the perfection in each execution. The robust features and powerful specification is all about the professional’s choice.

This is a 10.1 inches of drawing tablet that comes with to replace your paper and pen with its efficiency and reliability! The pre-installed screen protector and the IPS HD screen feel a right arrangement when you are looking for the exact paper-pen drawing experience.

For making the high-end logs illustrations and more this tablet allows you to have a 1280 x 800 pixels range. Also its 16:9 aspect ratio nicely stretches and fits the frame without making it awkward.

Moreover, power MediaTek Quad-core processors boot up the apps and performance without your asking. Besides you are offered the 64 GB for storing a range of important software within. And the 128 GB of micro-SD card for further file storage is another good option that you will find quite assisting. Besides, 4 GB DDR4 RAM takes charge of swift multitasking.

With its Google Android 10 version and the 2.0 M front camera and 5.0 rears-side camera you will always receive the optimal output.

Usually tablets aren’t that much robust as a laptop is. However, Simbans Picasso has been designed with quite innovation. You will find every essential feature as a built-in option. For instance, the WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and the ports featuring Micro-HDMI, USB Type-C, Audio, Micro-SD Card Slot are always ready to serve your needs.

To summarize, this tablet is good for a more professional approach. This internal specification lets your requirement meet without any annoying time delay.

  • Powerful and latest features
  • IPS screen with HD results
  • Battery is lasting
  • Affordable
  • It randomly reboots
  • The durability needs improvement

5. Huion Inspiroy Q11K

Huion Inspiroy Q11K


We all know Huion is a name of trust in tablets. This product from the Inspiroy Q11K series is another worthy addition that demands to be noticed. Unlike others, this auxiliary tool for drawing doesn’t feature a screen. Your data is saved in your own device.

Its wireless connectivity with the 2.4G and the compatibility with Mac are certainly amazing if you are into hassle-free work. Its 11’’ inches of drawing area and the availability of 8 user-defined express keys never feel out of sync. As a whole this table is small, handy and compact for users.

The rechargeable stylus of this tablet is a new addition which works with buttery smoothness, the Pf150 pen has been designed with the 2048 to 8192 pressure sensitivity level and it ensures you the ultimate accuracy in each stroke and line joining.

Drawing and 3D painting is rather difficult on tablets as compared with the traditional papers. However, this device guarantees you the smooth and precise screen to pen action which becomes the absolute win. The design and exterior of this tab is curvy and the rounded corners have been kept smooth.  It ensures safety and comfort side by side.

The compatibility of Huion Inspiroy Q11K starts from Windows 7 and goes to all the latest OS. Moreover, the most welcoming compatibility and positive support towards PS, SAI, Corel Painter, Illustrator and more related software is superb.

This tablet is more suitable for newbies and users who are just kick starting the drawing in digitized form!

  • Delivers blazing fast wireless connectivity
  • Smooth and gentle edges
  • Extra light polymer battery
  • Users-friendly buttons and customized keys
  • Comes with the 1 year warranty
  • The pen may lack screen recognition with accuracy
  • The styles can’t be programmed to double click on Mac OS

Final Verdict

So what does this all mean? Have you made up your mind now to purchase the finalized and best tablet for an artist?

There is a vast sea of technological gears. However, for 3D illustrators, artists and drawing enthusiasts we have created this list concisely. Here you have reviewed the top tabs that come with compatibility with latest software.

The best deal is, even if you pick a random gear from this list, it would surely turn out to be the reliable one! After all, we have researched and kept the real-time user’s review in mind!