Best CPU Coolers For i7 7700k Liquid/Air – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide 2023

All computers need a CPU cooler. But, those with high-end processors like the Intel i7 7700k and i9 9900k, need a cooler of the best quality. When the processor is properly cooled with it is working, there are very low chances of malfunctions. Before you purchase a CPU cooler for your own computer, you need to educate yourself about the different types and versions. This is a list to help you find the best CPU coolers for i7 7700k for your own system.

8 Best CPU Coolers For i7 7700k To Buy In 2021

NZRT Kraken X72Corsair Hydro Series H150i PROCorsair H115i RGBCryorig R1 UltimateNoctua NH-D15Cooler Master Hyper 212 LEDZalman CPU Cooler for Intel SocketCryorig H7 Tower Cooler
ModelNZXT Kraken AIO RGB CPU Liquid CoolerCorsair Hydro Series H150i PROCorsair H115i RGB PlatinumCryorig R1 UltimateNoctua NH-D15 PremiumCooler Master Hyper 212Zalman CPU CoolerCryorig H7 Tower Cooler
Radiator Size 360mm360mm280mm168.3mm160mm120mm120mm120mm
Fan Speed1500 RPM1600 RPM2000 RPM700-1300 RPM1500 RPM 600-2000 RPM850-1100 RPM300-1600 RPM
Noise Level19.8~24.7 dBA25 dBA37 dBA19~23 dBA24.6 dBA9~31 dBA22~24 dBA10~25 dBA

1. NZXT Kraken Z63 – Best Liquid CPU Cooler For i7 7700k

NZXT Kraken Z63


About the Product

The NZXT Kraken Z63 RGB Cooler specially made for the Intel i7 7700k, is a product manufactured by NZXT. It is the best CPU cooler for the i7 7700k. It is included in many top lists and ranks. The product has an impressive rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, rated by 17,569 customers. It comes in a lot of varieties, and it is up to you to choose which one is the best for your use.

The NZXT KrakenZ63 is a 280mm AIO RGB CPU liquid cooler. It is powered by CAM V4.  The tubing in this model is extended. The tubing serves the purpose of flowing the cooling liquid inside them. The unit comes in black color, with elegant purple-colored LED light rings inside.

The pump that works to help the cooling liquid flow is specially engineered to facilitate the Intel i7 7700k. The pump can be controlled according to what you desire. There are computer and smartphone applications through which you can adjust the liquid’s temperature, as well as the pump’s speed. The model shows you an intriguing design, which the manufacturer likes to call an “infinity mirror”.  The operation is silent.

There are two radiator fans included with the liquid cooling system. They are the more traditional way to cool the CPU. The CPU is cooled as well as the cooling liquid. The tubing in which the liquid flows is also engineered for the Intel i7 7700k. There is a rubber covering on the exterior of the tubes, making them thicker and more heat resistant.


  • The cooling liquid technology is superior and more modern.
  • Silent operation.
  • Three radiator fans provide an extra cooling effect.
  • Specifically made for the Intel i7 7700k.
  • The whole process is customizable.


  • Expensive if compared to other models.
  • The customization through applications might malfunction.

2. Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO – Best Liquid CPU Cooler For i7 7700k

Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO

About the Product

This product is by the manufacturer Corsair. It can easily be called the best CPU cooler for the i7 7700k. The Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler has been selected by Amazon. It has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, by 1,122 customers who have purchased it. It also comes in different varieties.

The product is a 360mm cooler. It comes with 3 cooling radiator fans, which work to keep the system cool along with the cooler. It is a liquid cooler, meaning that it has cooling liquid running in tubes. The pump in the main unit is completely backlit. The backlight can be customized according to your preference.

The machine is extremely quiet, with a noise level of 25 dBA. The airflow in the system is 47.3 CFM. The whole cooler is powered by levitation that is magnetic. Two 140mm magnetic levitation PWM fans of the ML series are included. They are very quiet as well. The noise they create while working at full speed is 20 dB.

The Corsair comes with software called the iCUE, which lets the user customize the lighting, speed, and temperature of the cooling liquid. There is a Zero RPM mode in the system. In this mode, all fans stop working. Only the coolant liquid flows in the tubes, and all fan noise is eliminated.


  • It comes in different varieties.
  • Completely adjustable.
  • Both cooling liquid and fans are available.
  • Elegant looking model.
  • Specially designed for high-end processors and computers. 


  • The operation can be noisy in very quiet environments.
  • Expensive

3. Corsair H115i RGB Platinum – Best Budget Liquid CPU Cooler For i7 7700k

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum

About the Product

This is the second product by Corsair in our guide to help you choose the best CPU cooler for i7 7700k. It is a more innovative version of the CPU cooler by Corsair. This one relies heavily on looks rather than user experience. It is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars, by 183 customers on Amazon. It is also less expensive than the other model.

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum AIO Liquid CPU Cooler comes with an incredible lighting system. There are 16 LED lights in the unit, which can be controlled individually. This one also comes with the iCUE software, which enables the user to customize the cooler according to their own preferences. There are two cooling/radiator fans included. The airflow of these fans is 97 CFM, and the noise they create while working at full speed is 37 dB.

The fans are magnetic levitation fans. They are 140 mm, from the ML PRO series. There is a cold plate that is thermally optimized, and it is also cooled by the radiator fans. The fans are made up of Aluminum. Their speed is 2000 RPM.

The unit weighs 2.16 pounds. There is only one color, which is black. The lack of variety of colors is made up of incredible lighting options. The unit also comes with a detailed user manual and a warranty guide.


  • Amazing lighting options.
  • Completely customizable.
  • Lightweight model.
  • Average pricing.
  • Compatible with high-end processors.
  • Does its job of cooling efficiently.


  • It makes a lot of noise.
  • It is not compatible with all frameworks.
  • The water-cooling liquid is not superior.

4. Cryorig R1 Ultimate Dual Tower Heatsink – Best Budget CPU Cooler For i7 7700k

Cryorig R1 Ultimate Dual Tower Heatsink

About the Product

This is a product manufactured by Cryorig. It is among the average and upper-average CPU coolers. It is very basic in design. Yet it is a favorite of many. The product is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, by 48 customers.

The Cryorig R1 Ultimate Dual Tower Heatsink comes in a decent black color. It has only 2 radiator fans and does not include any cooling liquid system. It is attached to the CPU with the help of soldering. The manufacturer calls the soldering DirectCompress. Through this technique, there is 10% more contact with the surface of the CPU, which leads to better ventilation.

There is also Heatpipe Displacement Optimization in this unit. It enables a better and widely spread conduction of heat. This system works due to the design of the fan. The Jet Fin Acceleration System in the fans also serves the purpose of better ventilation. It enables the air to be exhausted faster from the CPU tower.

The radiator fans of this model are 140mm PWM ones. The Heatpipe Convex-Align System gives you the advantage of the placement of multiple heat pipes. The unit weighs 2.83 pounds, which is an average weight for just two cooling fans. The dimensions of this model are 5.5 x 5.6 x 6.6 inches. It is specially designed for CPU models that come in tower form.


  • Low in price.
  • Works with all computer models.
  • The ventilation of the air is incredible.
  • Simple and elegant.
  • Passes all stress tests.


  • The system is noisy.
  • Fitting the unit in the system is difficult.

5. Noctua NH-D15 – Best Air Cooler For i7 7700k

Noctua NH-D15

About the Product

The Noctua NH-D15 Premium CPU Cooler has been regarded as the best CPU cooler for i7 7700k by many. It is Amazon’s Choice of product. The Noctua CPU Cooler is also a more traditional type of cooler. It has been rated an incredible 4.8 stars out of 5. This is with the rating of 1,362 customers, who have bought and used the product.

The Noctua NH-D15 Premium CPU cooler comes with 2 radiator fans. The fans are A15 PWM and 140mm. The operation of these fans is nearly silent. There are 6 heat pipes provided with the fans that allow greater ventilation, thus better cooling of the system. The installation is very simple, as it comes with a socket that is compatible with many systems.

The manufacturer gives a warranty for 6 years. It supports many models of processors. You can also turn the fans on and off as you like. There is a Single Fan Mode as well, in which you can choose to turn one fan off. This will lead to less RAM usage.

The model comes in an eye-catching brown color. It weighs 2.87 pounds, both fans included. The dimensions of the product are 9.2 x 11 x 7.5 inches. The product comes with a return policy, for the convenience of the user.


  • Extremely easy installation.
  • Very quiet operation.
  • Customizable.
  • Elegant design.
  • Compatible with many CPU models.
  • High heat ventilation.


  • The brown color can be a nuisance for many users.
  • The user needs to be experienced in order to install the unit in their CPU.

6. Cooler Master Hyper 212 – Best CPU Cooler For i7 7700k

Cooler Master Hyper 212

About the Product

The Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED is another favorite of many users. It is quite a simple design, yet it works incredibly. The manufacturer of this product is Cooler Master. It is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, by 8,785 customers on Amazon. It is an Amazon’s Choice product, and possibly the best CPU cooler for i7 7700k.

This product comes with 4 direct-contact heat pipes. These heat pipes allow the heated air to be ventilated, cooling the processor and other components of the CPU. The single fan that comes with the unit is 120 mm PWM, whose airflow is 66.3 CFM. The noise level of these fans is 31 dBA. The fan is fitted with multiple red colored LED lights, which glow and indicate the working of the fan.

The amount of fan is compatible with all famous CPU models. The fan can be attached to another of the same model, as there is a quick snap bracket provided. This model comes in several variants. A model with 2 heat pipes, 4 heat pipes, and a copper base is available. The item weighs only 1.66 pounds, which is extremely light and easily manageable.

The dimensions of this model are 4.7 x 3 x 6.3 inches. It only comes in the color red.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to install.
  • Beautiful exterior.
  • Customizable, by attaching another fan with it.
  • Ventilation through 4 heat pipes.


  • The unit is fragile.
  • Multiple installation attempts might damage the product.

7. Zalman – Best CPU Cooler For i7 7700k


About the Product

In this guide to help you select the best CPU cooler for the i7 7700k, this is another traditional CPU cooler. It is manufactured by Zalman. The product has a rating of 3.1. The product is elegant looking. It is a very basic model.

The Zalman CPU Cooler comes with two cooling radiator fans. They are completely made up of pure Aluminum and Copper. The fans are easily attached to any recognized CPU model.  The area of dissipation is 9635 cm2. The fans work on a voltage of 12 V.

The Aluminum and Copper fans are 120 mm models. They are claimed to be low noise. There are LED lights of blue color on the fans, making the exterior look more interesting. The noise level of these fans is 22 dB. The product comes with 6 heat pipes, which allow the heated air to be eliminated from the system conveniently.

The Zalman CPU Cooler weighs 2.2 pounds, which is not bad for carrying two pure Aluminum and Copper fans. The dimensions of this product are 10 x 8 x 6.5 inches. It can easily be fitted in any CPU model. Due to its 6 heat pipes and fast cooling fans, it is well-known in the CPU coolers list.


  • Incredibly quiet operation.
  • Very lightweight.
  • It can be easily installed.
  • Compatible with many CPU models.
  • There are 6 heat pipes.
  • The fans are good looking with blue LED lights.
  • The LED lights indicate the working of the fans.


  • It can only be installed in a CPU once.
  • The size is big.

8. Cryorig H7 Tower Cooler – Best Budget CPU Cooler For i7 7700k

Cryorig H7 Tower Cooler

About the Product

This is the last product in this list to help you find the best CPU cooler for the i7 7700k. It is a product by Cryorig and is made for tower CPU models. It is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars, by 768 customers on Amazon. The Cryorig H7 Tower Cooler is an Amazon’s Choice product. The model is called CR-H7A.

The Cryorig H7 Tower Cooler is specially made to cool CPUs that come in tower form. It weighs 1.57 pounds, and there is only one radiator fan for cooling purposes. It can be mounted easily on many known brand CPU models. The fan is 120 mm. The operation is extremely quiet.

The dimensions of this product are 4.8 x 3.9 x 5.7 inches. It can be called small in size. The product is very easy to install. It also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. It has the ability to cool all high-end processors, including the Intel i7 7700k and i7 8700k.


  • Easy to install.
  • Works quietly.
  • It can be customized.
  • Compatible with many models.
  • Stylish exterior.
  • Cheap price.
  • Cools the system noticeably


  • The installation process is not traditional.
  • Difficult to install if a large fan is already installed in the system.

Through the past years, technology has gone through many changes. Those changes are called advancements. In the early years of the computer, the hardware used was much different from now. The specifications, features, and functionality were not enough. As time passed, software and hardware both evolved to what they are now.

Why Need a CPU Cooler?

Just like there is a drawback in every situation, there is also a drawback of the Intel i7 7700k. It is only one drawback, yet it draws the charm out of it. The drawback is overheating. This is something that most users dread. The reason is that when the processor works like it is supposed to, it heats up.

When the processor heats up, the processing might slow down. It can also damage its hardware along with surrounding components inside the computer. Sometimes the whole system crashes too, due to the heat the processor is producing. There is no way to prevent the processor from producing heat while working. But there is a way to reduce the heat and not let it accumulate.

CPU coolers are made to cool the internal components of the CPU. They have radiator fans, sometimes multiple, and they ventilate the internal system. The CPU coolers are fitted inside the main unit, and an electrical supply is given to them. When the computer starts up, so does the cooler. All they do is give fresher air to the components like the processor, to prevent overheating of the system.

Final Verdict

When you use a high-end computer processor like the Intel i7 7700k, you need some products to help its performance. That is because of the fact that these amazing processors heat up during their working time. If the processors are left uncooled, there are high chances of malfunction. Data loss, errors in software, hardware problems, and many other issues can arise. To cool them, you need to purchase a CPU Cooler.

Now, not all CPU coolers can do the job to cool your Intel i7 7700k. For that purpose, special models are made. Before purchasing a CPU cooler, you have to look at its description and check if it will be enough. Instead of searching far and wide, and comprehending which is the optimal cooler for you, you can just read this list of reviews. These reviews contain all the main specifications, along with the pros and cons.

This was the guide to assist you in finding the best CPU cooler for i7 7700k. Now you have the sufficient knowledge required to purchase what is necessary.