Are Touch Screen Laptops worth it? Complete Guide

As you know selecting a laptop for yourself has become a little difficult nowadays. Because the market is full of different options with different sizes, shapes, and functions other than its internal and hardware processes. Also, the price & advanced features play a huge role in it.

Touchscreen laptops are one major and advanced form, that is comparatively new and modernly designed. They seem more convenient, as some people after using smartphones and tablets with touchscreen operation systems, like to get laptops also in that condition. 

But, are touchscreen laptops worth it? Are they 100% reliable? Do they provide the same convenience? etc. These and many more questions usually arise while selecting a touch screen laptop. This article will truly analyze touch screen laptops for your facility. 

Let’s further discuss if touchscreen laptops are worth it or not

Are Touch Screen Laptops worth it

First of all, let’s understand the touch screen laptops;

What are touch screen laptops?

Touch screen laptops are comparatively new among the laptop generations. In 1983 (a few years back) the first touchscreen commercial computer was formed. They were made to better facilitate the computer users by making their work easier with such advanced products. 

In touch screen laptops (usually) keyboard is available/attached (just like a regular laptop). But it contains a touchscreen feature, which means the screen of the laptop is enabled to get used by the touch system, other than the keyboard, making it a 2-in-1 product. 

The keyboard remains inactive when you use the touchscreen or when it is used as a tablet, the keyboard can get folded back. Under touch screen laptops, there are different forms, some are extra small, others have moderate structure, some have multi-functioning, etc.

Usually, two types of screens are used in touchscreen laptops;

  • Resistive type

It is composed of two layers, resistive & conductive. When you touch such a laptop’s screen resistive layer is in your contact, then it connects with the conductive layer below and the laptop starts working. This form doesn’t facilitate multi-finer functioning

  • Capacitive type

These types of touch screen laptops contain only one layer. When you touch it, it starts working by getting a connection from the human body. These laptops facilitate multi-fingers and feature functioning in similar times plus allow zoom in & out options. 

In this review article, we’ll guide you through touch screen laptops. These laptops have their specifications, their pros and cons like any product contain. We’ll elaborate the major benefits and drawbacks, then you have to decide yourself, whether it’s good for you or not;

Benefits Of Touch Screen Laptops

  • Compact design

The first and foremost beneficial feature touch screen laptops come along with is their compact designed structure. These laptops contain smaller-sized structures than regular laptops or computers. Their size makes them enable to get converted into the tablet-style as well. 

There are many benefits the compact design provides. You can travel with them comfortably; normal laptops need more space & care while taking them with you. But touchscreen laptops can be carried out along anywhere like vacations, meetings, etc. inside the bag. 

  • Keyboard failure is not an issue

These modernly designed touch screen laptops contain keyboards along (mostly) but are not dependent on them for their functioning. So, in case your keyboard has failed working or some of its keys get an error, you can use the touch screen feature. 

Also, the failed keyboard can be turned around or backward, so that it doesn’t look like a hurdle. Plus, in case you are in a hurry, a touch screen will help in working fast. As most of us are more comfortable with it because we often use our touchscreen smartphones. 

  • High end/quality Display

This is the major essential element that a touch screen laptop delivers. These laptops usually come with glossy screens rather than matte ones (that a normal laptop contains). This glossy screen looks attractive plus responds better than the regular ones. 

Plus, these touch screens display better and more accurate colors and delivers excellent level brightness. This helps in perceiving true or more realistic results on the screen. That’s why most photographers or people who often use colors on the screen, prefer these screens. 

  • Surface or Desk is not Required

This is another catchiest element of the product. You don’t have to sit somewhere properly or there is no need to place your touch screen laptop on a flat surface like a desk for its working. That is must require in the case of regular laptops and computers. 

Instead, you can use these touch screen laptops anywhere in any position. Like if you are standing somewhere and need something instantly over the screen, just open it and start working, similarly you do with your smartphones or tablets, as it is modernly designed.

  • Best for Graphic Designers

As we have discussed above, these touch screen laptops deliver more accurate colors on the screen. This feature is very essential for graphic designers who often play with colors on the screen. And if a laptop is not good in the display it’ll surely destroy their work. 

Plus, all touch screen laptops are not for graphic designers, there are some specific models (although all products have color accuracy). Other than colors, the touch screen also helps in making their work fast and much convenient through the single click availability. 

These were some high-end benefits of touch screen laptops. Other than these they contain small essentials too. For instance, these laptops can be a perfect choice for students as notes can be taken over them in a short period and much fast, etc.

Drawbacks of Touch Screen Laptops

Touch screen laptops are not perfect and are not compatible in all conditions. They have certain drawbacks, because of them regular laptops and PCs are offered by many people. Let’s have an overview of few major drawbacks they come along;

  • Price Range

The price range of the touch screen laptops is one major drawback for the common people with normal budget range, as they are usually more expensive, some of them also come in normal rates but their features don’t match the class, which regular laptop delivers in the similar range. 

Because of the touch screen (as it is a modern aspect) they cost more, similarly as smartphones have more prices than the buttoned old phones. The people who can afford can go for them, but if you want high features in the normal range, go for the regular one. 

  • Battery Life

This is another major downside of a touch screen laptop. their battery life is shorter than the regular ones, as they consume 15 to 25 percent more batter. This is because of their essential touch screen availability, as this additional feature needs additional power too. 

If you often need your laptop in a working position and don’t have enough time (always) to charge your screen, then prefer the regular laptops with better battery timing. Because touch screen laptops contain touch software active, that consumes battery constantly. 

  • Cleaning Process

Touch screen laptops come along with extra tantrums and need too much care. As they are constantly used that’s why the screen gets dirty too often. Not only dirt particles remain over it but also oils and grimes of your hands and fingers remain over it, which makes it dirty. 

So, often the cleaning process is required for the touch screen laptop. Otherwise, the display will look like a total mess. This cleaning process sometimes irritates and tiring, like when you are in a hurry and want the screen perfect looking, so in this regard, regulars are better. 

 These were some major issues with touch screen laptops. There are some small issues too. For instance, the touch screen laptops need a soft hand operating system, they cannot handle major or high-end data plus their small screen is not always suitable, etc. 


This article revolves around the question, are touch screen laptops worth it? We have discussed the major benefits and drawbacks of touch screen laptops. It’s up to the user, what type of benefits he wants in his laptop, according to which the decision is made. 

The article is based on the factual information that is collected with proper research and reviews. So, read it carefully before buying a product to avoid any mistakes. As touch screen laptops are beneficial in few conditions only, not always perfect.