6 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Laptop

Have you recently picked up a new laptop and want to give its drab and plain design an overhaul? Decorating your laptop is extremely easy and can be a beautiful way to express your personality when you take your laptop to school or work!

Want some ideas on how to decorate your laptop? We’ve listed the 6 best ways to decorate your laptop, laptop keyboard, and even the screen saver that your laptop has. If you’ve bought yourself an affordable laptop for school, there’s no better way to spice it up than with a bit of TLC.

Have your laptop and creativity ready? We’re a huge fan of decorating electronics, so let’s waste no time and hop into this article to bring a sense of style to your device in no time. Ready? Steady. Let’s roll!

Why Should You Decorate Your Laptop?

There are countless reasons why you’d want to decorate your laptop. If you just purchased a new device, the addition of stickers or splash color could be just the thing for you to add your personality to your laptop.

If you’re taking your laptop to school or work, those who see your designs will instantly see your personality and you could even make a few new like-minded friends! What’s more, the backs of laptops are the perfect bases to add decor and will make browsing the many websites on the internet an absolute treat.

So if you’re sitting in data science class or editing your next Youtube video, we’ve written the top ways to change up your laptop skin. What are you waiting for? After reading through our recommendations, you’ll want to hit enter on all of them.

6 Easy Decorations For Your Laptop

We’ve listed some of the best decorations for your laptop cases, from spray painting, making glow-in-the-dark tags stick to it, or even adding Washi Tape. The laptop decor works for 2-in-1 laptops or devices that have a 4K monitor!

Add Some Stickers

Stickers are some of the easiest and cheapest ways to decorate your laptop, especially if you’re going to be using your laptop as a monitor for a PS4. They’re easily removed and can show off your personality in an explosive way. Many brands offer stickers for your laptop, including Marvel, DC, Lego, and even clothing brands like Nike.

They are quite cheap too, and often quite easy to pick up at your local store. You can even add stickers onto your laptop keyboard and personalize the keys! If you’re using Google Classroom, adding stickers is one of the first things you should do when classing up your laptop skins.

Spray Paint Your Laptop

If you want more of an artsy look to your laptop, there’s nothing better than buying a couple of cans and using them to spray paint the back of your laptop skins. While sticking can be cool, the decals of a spray-painted laptop offer a more spontaneous and vibrant way to decorate your laptop.

Just make sure that when you spray paint your laptop, to do it in a way that is safe and isn’t a hazard to your health. Always wear a mask and use the spray paint cans in a space that is open to the air – and preferably not anywhere near the school itself.

Glow In The Dark Tags

One of the more underrated ways of sprucing up your laptop and showing off your personalized style is to add glow-in-the-dark tags onto the back plate of your device. These work best when your laptop has a larger screen, at least a 12-inch or larger monitor.

Best of all, this will allow you to flaunt the cool and new display design of your computer in the dark! For example, you could glow the dark galaxy design on your laptop cover, which will glow in the dark and create a truly space-themed design!

Add Washi Tape Strips

If you’re looking for design tips, you’ve probably heard of Washi Tape Strips – commonly found in the stationary section of most stores. These materials are beloved by the design community and are inexpensive to purchase in bulk.

From there, you can quite easily apply the colorful tape to the laptop cover in whatever pattern or configuration you desire – this is your excuse to let out your creative side! Best of all, when someone asks you about your tape, you can tell them about the interesting history that Washi Tape Strips are made from – you can even get your little brother or sister to help you apply them too!

Find A Matching Wallpaper

You’re not limited to decorating just the external components of your laptop, you can decorate the screen of your laptop too! There are a wide variety of screen savers and backgrounds you can add to your laptop to make it match the external look you’ve given it!

Wallpaper Engine on Steam is one application that is cheap to buy and lets you unlock a wide variety of wallpapers – even animated ones! Decoration can also be done when you’re on a Zoom call, and you want your Zoom background to be a unique scene or setting.

The larger screen that you have, the better your matching wallpaper will look!

Add Personalized Photos

If brand stickers or visuals of fantasy lands are quite your style, then you may be interested in adding a touch to your personal life. Adding personal photos of you, your family, your friends, or even a motivational quote is an exemplary way to give your laptop a more “you” feel.

Keep in mind that everyone can see these photos though, so obviously, only add them to your laptop if you’re comfortable with the idea of others taking a look at them. If that’s completely fine with you, this could be a quirky and retro idea to add some personality to your laptop!

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s the main part of our article, and hopefully, it’s given you a clearer idea of how you can effectively decorate your laptop. At the end of the day, the amount of money you’re going to spend to make the most fun or cute prints for your laptop.

You may have had some questions reading through our article, in which case lucky for you we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions regarding customizing your laptop.

Otherwise, take a look at the best gaming laptops with long battery life or the best laptops for computer science!

How do I customize my laptop?

We’ve listed some of the easiest ways to customize your laptop, but there are plenty of ways to do so other than the ways we talked about. You need to be careful of what you do though, as some ways of customizing are more permanent than others.

If you’re using an expensive laptop, then feel free to purchase some new stickers for the laptop.

How do I remove stickers from your laptop?

The easiest way to remove stickers from your laptop is with rubbing alcohol, however, keep in mind that you’ll lose the sticker when removing it. This is true for most stickers, but keep in mind that there might be stickers that can be removed carefully.

If you want some more tips about removing stickers from your laptop, check out our laptop article for how to remove stickers from your laptop.

Where do I get laptop skins for my wallpaper?

The easiest way to get wallpapers for your laptop is to just download high-quality images from the internet. If you’re using them for personal use only and not monetization, then feel free to use whichever image you’d like.

We recommend Wallpaper Engine, which is available on Steam.

Parting Shot/Conclusion

That’s all she wrote when it comes to decorating your laptop, but the ways you can amplify the design of your device are endless! Just think of what you like best and go from there!

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