4 Cool Desk Accessories You Should Get

In this article we are going to talk about the latest and amazing desk accessories to take your setup to another level. I am going to share some of the accessories I’ve been using with my setup for the past year.

I have only included accessories, which improved the function and also look good on my desk. These gadgets are great even if you are looking for a gift for your tech loving friend. 

Desk Shelf

Maybe you have lots of stuff on your desk just like me. Usually there is work related stuff or gadgets with lots of cables that take up space on a desk. 

To counter this problem and make it look more organized, I’ve been using a desk shelf made by Grovemade. It’s a dual monitor shelf with a solid walnut top with an integrated aluminum shelf. 

It is a very premium looking shelf that instantly elevates the entire desk look. It’s very effective at hiding the cables and storing the extra stuff you have on the desk.

Now I can easily store my USB hub and my notebooks there to free up desk space. You can instantly hide most of the extra stuff on your desk.

I have the walnut one, which really looks natural and premium. The overall quality is amazing and I would definitely recommend this product. However, the price is high too.

RGB Cables

If you don’t care about your cable management or you don’t have the time to go through the hassle, then check out these RGB cables. With these RGB cables you won’t mind them hanging out on the desk.

I’ve been using these RGB cables from VIVIFY in my gaming setup, and they look pretty sick. The cable is shaped to be tangle-free and you can shape them in circles, which gives a cool looking swirl effect.

It looks amazing how the light comes out from the side and diffuses beautifully. You can also download a software to customize these lights to any color you want to match the look of your other gaming accessories in your setup.

Monitor Light

A monitor light is a great addition to your desk setup if you are working for long hours, which eventually puts strain on your eyes.

This is why I use a monitor light to reduce strain on my eyes and also light up my desk. I’m using BenQ’s ScreenBar, which is quite powerful and covers most of my desk. 

The coolest thing about this light is that it comes with a wireless controller. You can place it anywhere on the desk and control the lightning. You can turn it on by hovering over the sensor, and easily adjust the brightness, temperature, or put it on the auto mode and it will choose the best settings for you.

The controller doesn’t need a cable to power it up and you can easily move it anywhere on the desk, and it looks neat and cool.

You can easily fit it on most monitors, and it also comes with an adapter for curved monitors. There is also a light on the back to light up the wall to further reduce your eyestrain. 

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

I’ve been using this mouse pad for over a year, made by Phoenixeries. It has a built-in wireless charger, which makes it convenient to charge your devices. You can charge your phone and all the QI devices, earbuds and watches etc.

It saves you the hassle of getting up again and again to plugging in and plugging out your phone. You can charge your phone while gaming without getting up. It has a 15W charger, which is compatible with all the latest devices.

It has a bright RGB light on the edges, which gives a cool looking effect. You can change colors and modes to match with the other peripherals on your desk. This mouse pad can be a great addition to your gaming setup that will enhance the overall look.

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