15 Reasons Why You Should Get An iPad

Since Steve Jobs announced the iPad in 2012 at an Apple press event, it has revolutionized tablet devices with its minimal design and powerful hardware. And in today’s market, Apple has continued to innovate and build upon the original iPad to bring you products like the iPad Mini, iPad Air, and many more.

Whether you’ve seen adverts online or seen one of your coworkers using one, the question likely has come to your mind – should I get an iPad? Our answer is yes; the iPad is an excellent investment if you plan to use a tablet device.

We’ve listed our top 15 reasons why you should get an iPad:

1 – Web Browsing

One of the most obvious uses for an iPad is surfing the web, much like any other tablet device. iPads also offer a more streamlined web browsing experience with the Safari browser.

Safari consumes less data than the popular browser Chrome, and its sleek and minimal design makes it easy to surf the web for whatever you need. Best of all, the portability of the iPad also allows you to browse the internet wherever you may be, making it easy to catch up on the latest scores, news, or more!

2 – Reading E-Books & Comics

You don’t need a Kindle to catch up on your favorite books and comics, as you can easily download the Kindle app or read the latest comics or manga online.

E-Books are a great way to indulge on a rainy afternoon or to end your day by catching up on that novel you never got around to finishing. Comics and manga are also coming back, and it’s easy to find an online site on your iPad.

Reading is an important habit that not everyone has time for nowadays, but with the comfortable screen and portability of the iPad, it’s easier than ever!

3 – Unlock the Apple Ecosystem

One of the best reasons to get an iPad is if you already have an Apple device, such as an Apple Macbook Air or iPhone. Once you have multiple devices from Apple, you unlock the advantages of the Apple Ecosystem.

The Apple Ecosystem is a term used to describe the benefits of having multiple Apple devices. You can upload documents and access them from all devices with iCloud, answer calls and add contacts to all of your devices, Airdrop information without having to send it through email, and also share all your apps through your devices with SharePlay.

Adding an iPad to your Apple arsenal gives you plenty of amazing benefits.

4 – Photography & Editing Photos

If you’re using your tablet for taking photos, you have been concerned about the quality of the pictures you’ve taken – not all tablets have excellent camera quality. The iPad is a joy to take photos with, and its front and rear camera make switching back and forth easy.

And if you’re planning to touch up the photos and give them an extra sparkle, then you’ll be happy to know that the iPad is a straightforward device to edit photos on. You can use the built-in photo editing software with the iPad or download an external application from the App Store and edit to your heart’s content.

From 3D modeling to touching up your last selfie, an iPad is a handy device for editing and taking incredible photos.

5 – Video Calls

In this modern age, video calls have become the norm for many people. Whether it’s to attend a work meeting or to catch up with relatives, having a device from which you can make video calls at a moment’s notice has become necessary.

The iPad is an incredible tool to use for making video calls. It lets you download several essential applications you can video call with, including Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and many more. The iPad’s multitasking features also let you split the screen, so you can refer to notes if you’re in a business meeting or look up a friend’s dubious fact.

And thanks to the iPad’s portability, you can take these calls wherever you are in the world as long as you have a hotspot or data plan.

6 – Taking Notes

An iPad is an extraordinary resource if you’re at school or college and planning on taking notes during class. Not only can your freely write and draw as if you were using a piece of paper, but you also can download and edit lecture notes to keep up with the dynamic lesson plan!

A stylus device like the Apple Pencil will also boost your creative writing and drawing to a new level while keeping the authentic feeling. If your teenager has been asking for a tablet device to bring to school, there’s a lot of merit to giving them an iPad to take notes.

7 – Streaming Video

Watching videos on your phone can be straining; you can barely see the finer details and subtitles in most cases. The iPad is in the Goldilocks zone when it comes to streaming video or watching Netflix – phone screens are often too small, and laptops are too bulky.

From the App Store, it’s easy to download a plethora of streaming apps like Netflix, Twitch, Youtube, Amazon Prime, and countless others. The iPad Pro is one of the best choices when it comes to streaming – it’s a 12.9-inch iPad that lets you binge your favorite series without worrying about the screen being too small.

8 – Play Games

Casual gaming is one of the hallmark ways to entertain yourself on an iPad, and there are countless amazing games for you to choose from on the App Store.

Younger children will love games like Roblox, but programs like ABC Mouse will be your best friend if you plan on teaching your kids through edutainment. Even adults will love the wide variety of gaming options available, with strategy and puzzle games frequently hitting the top of the charts.

There’s no need to own a stylus to play these games, as the Apple iPad has amazing touchscreen sensitivity that allows gestures and taps to drive your progress.

9 – Drawing & Designing

Drawing and design have never been easier for artists than on the iPad. In fact, many artists today will make use of an iPad to make their masterful creations.

Applications like Adobe Illustrator and Procreate are some of the best tools to master many design styles and practices. Learning drawing and design through an iPad also allows you to use the second-generation Apple Pencil, which unlocks additional features much quality of life improvements.

Palm rejection, double tapping to switch between colors, and tilt sensitivity are only some of the amazing features you unlock when using an iPad and Apple Pencil in unison.

10 – Checking Emails

Sending emails has become an everyday part of our life and so it’s only natural that the iPad would be able to help you with this task as well. While you can check your email on your phone or your desktop computer, the iPad brings a middle-ground option that neither of these two can fill.

An iPad has a bigger screen size, so you aren’t struggling to see and type like you often would when using your phone to read or send an email. Similarly, the iPad’s portability makes it a better option than a desktop PC and allows you to answer emails if you’re on the go or having a lazy day on the couch.

11 – Multitasking

If it’s efficiency that you’re looking for, then owning an iPad will allow you to keep on top of your demanding schedule and save time in the long run.

The iPad features multitasking tools that let you split your screen into multiple segments, even resizing app windows, and making it easy to research a topic or send an email – all while you’re taking that important business meeting!

One of the many gripes that users of tablet devices had was the sometimes infuriating time it took to switch between applications and important tabs. With the introduction of the iPad Pro, this is no longer an issue!

12 – Traveling

One of the defining features of tablet devices since their inception is their portability and travel compatibility. Nowadays it’s just as common to take your work with you while traveling as it is to work from home or at the office, and having a device from which you can easily keep up is becoming necessary.

Phones are more portable but as we’ve mentioned, handling and navigating on a tablet like the iPad will make your life a lot easier thanks to its large screen.

If you’re planning to travel with your children, a tablet device is one of the best ways to curb their boredom and keep them occupied for the duration of the trip – a real lifesaver if you’re going on a multiday road trip.

13 – Listening to Music

This one is a necessity! A device should be able to let you stream or listen to your favorite songs no matter what you’re doing. Apps like Apple Music offer a library of excellent songs and podcasts you can listen to online or offline.

Apple Music is a great platform and has consistently given artists the most generous monetization out of all the major music platforms. Listening to music on your iPad while you draw, play video games, or are catching up on work or homework is the ideal complement and can make any task so much better!

And if you’re interested in making music, the iPad comes with Garageband – one of the best apps to start making music with.

14 – Scanning Documents

A modern convenience that you have with an iPad is the ability to scan documents. Whereas before you had to have an entire machine to scan and transfer your documentation, today you can easily scan documents with just your iPad.

The newer Android and iPad models have a higher camera quality compared to older models, so only recently could you scan documents without losing any of the more important details within them.

From there, it’s extremely intuitive to send the scanned documents to your laptop or desktop PC.

15 – Work Presentations

Whether it’s for your next school project or a workplace presentation, iPads are exemplary tools to do your presentations with.

You can use your iPad as a visual aid to aid in your speech, or presentation or as the source of that killer Powerpoint to wow your investors with. The iPad supports you by providing a sleek and easy way to navigate your presentation with the literal swipe of a finger.

And since it’s likely you’ll be using your iPad exclusively for work in all sorts of fields like engineering and graphic design, it seems like a natural fit!


We often see certain questions continually pop up about why you should get an iPad, so we’ve compiled the three most common and given answers to them! One of two of your questions may be among them.

What are the cons of using an iPad?

One of the biggest initial detriments to owning an iPad is its price. iPads, especially newer models like the iPad Pro are not cheap and can set you back quite a bit.

Alternate Android tablets are often much cheaper compared to Apple iPad and have many of the same features and storage, although you miss out on the benefits of the Apple Ecosystem we spoke about previously.

Always make sure to see what your budget is before you begin choosing your tablet device, there’s likely a device that fits your needs at a cheaper price.

Why choose an iPad over a laptop?

The main selling point of the iPad a standard laptop is its lightweight and portability, ease of navigation using its touchscreen controls, and functionality in industries like graphic design and art.

The iPad offers consumers a middle point between a phone and a laptop and is slowly becoming a standard for many businesses.

Is an iPad worth it if you have an iPhone?

Apple iPads come in handy if you need more processing power than an iPhone but still want the portability of your iPhone.

Also, the Apple Ecosystem will also grant you additional benefits if you have both devices. These include being able to store your data in iCloud and access it from any device, sharing applications between devices, and easy sharing through applications like AirDrop, etc.

Parting Shot

At the end of the day, iPads fill a niche of being a high-end tablet between phones and laptops, and another addition to the suite of products that Apple has put out. That being said, it fills this niche extremely well and its compatibility with your other Apple devices allows for a great symphony.

The iPad and other Apple devices are all subject to personal preference, and you’ll know whether you’ll find a new iPad will be able to bring value to your home, work, or school compared to the bring that you’ll pay for it.